Eyes Chapter 1

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'Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle your demons will cause your angels to sing.'

August Wilson

The warm hallways buzzed with formally dressed workers. Each has a desperate job. Each so focused on their own task.

Eyes shifted away as he strutted from the elevator. Not holding his stare. His lips never turned. They stayed in a hard line.

Fluently he grabbed the glass door, marching his way to his office through the bullpen. That was until his team stopped him. Not purposefully; it was surprising to hear their jubilant laughter fill the room so early on.

Brown eyes gazed at each of his team members. Most sat at their desks. Some on top, it was quite comical. 

A young man was smiling brightly. Babbling statistics to back up a claim he had made moments earlier. Carob and gingerbread-coloured eyes shining.

The next was a largely built man. His eyes were shades darker than the previous. Dark chocolate pools.

An older gentleman was standing casually to the side. His accented chuckle was easy to pick out. He also had brown eyes. A beautiful umber colour.

A woman sat. Her eyes were ironically also brown. A graceful russet. She shook her head in amusement at the men in the room.

Across from her sat her opposite. Dazzling cornflower eyes. The contrast between the two women was like yin and yang.

Lastly, another brown-eyed woman danced around them all elegantly. Her eyes were a mesmerizing chestnut.

Each is utterly captivating in its own way.

Finally, they noticed him standing and taking in the scene.

"Hotch!" Multiple members called out.

"Hey, you guys are here early..."

"Yeah Strauss wanted us here by seven, she didn't text you cause, well sir, you're always here before seven." Garcia smiled. The techi was already confused, and all of them had hoped Hotch would have the answers. Apparently not.

"In here now," Strauss called to the team from inside the round room.

She stood as everyone sat down.

"You have a case."

Morgan rolled his eyes. "Why all the dramatics then?"

Strauss clicked the remote, and a video popped up.

"We received this video not too long ago. While one of our deep web hackers was scavenging. This was sent to a number we are monitoring... "

Before she could start the video, Spencer piped up.

"The deep web covers 99% of the internet, this contains at least 4.5 billion websites that have been indexed by search engines, according to one Dutch researcher. That huge number barely scratches the surface of what's really out there."

Strauss nodded. "This, however, wasn't trying to be hidden. It was sent via text message."

"Who's phone was it?" JJ questioned.

"Here, just watch." The woman clicked play on the videos as a man stepped into the frame.

'He's not afraid to be caught.'
The team realized.

"Hello, Winchester! I've heard you went inactive after Sammy boy took his plunge into the cage. So sad, isn't it?" He maliciously laughed.

"Well, I can't have you running around living life now, can I? So I acquired a little... Incentive to get you to come to me. You really need to keep better track of your things."

A small girl was yanked onto the screen. Blood pooled over her face. Garcia gasped and looked away. Emily and JJ felt sick... This was a child.

"I found little Winchester out and about, alllllll alone, how could I leave such a precious opportunity." He sang

The girl's head snapped up. Her rounded face was a large indicator of her young age. Jade eyes met with the camera. Looking as though she could see the other side. No tears fell. Blood was splattered across her face, matching with her light-coloured freckles.

The man grabbed her chin with a gruff yank, turning her face toward him.

"Such a pretty face, hmm?" He caressed her cheek. The entire team gasped when she spat on his face. Lips quirked a cocky smile as she did so.

The man lifted her, slamming her onto the ground to kick her. Knocking the air from her lungs.

"That's the problem with you hunters. You don't know when to stop!" He screamed, striking her ribs multiple times.

His personality switched. He brushed his suit jacket, sighing and clicking his tongue.

"Poor little Winchester, Daddy left you all alone to have another family." He fake pouted in pity. His eyes flashed to the camera.

"Now, as we move past that little hiccup... Let's get down to business. Meet me where it should have ended... While I wait, I'll just enjoy my time with her, yeah? I'll take care of her well; don't worry about it." Then the screen went back.

Emotions flew through the room.

Rossi was astonished. This child was paying for something...

Garcia was sobbing, that poor, poor girl. All alone with no one.

JJ was subconsciously rubbing her stomach. Thoughts of Henry flooded her mind.

Prentiss was shaken. Imagine what was happening to that girl as they sat right there.

Morgan was pissed. His anger was unmeasured by anything else. This innocent child was so close to a monster.

Hotchner was determined. To find this girl, bring her home.

Reid sat in shock. Who was she? Why wasn't she scared? What was he doing to her? Why?

Each of them exchanged glances. They would find her. They would save her; they weren't going to leave her.

Will they get to her in time?

Why was she targeted?

And most importantly.

What was her name?

The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter - often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter - in the eye.     

Charlotte Bronte

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