Till Death do us part Chapter 36

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WARNING this chapter contains highly sensitive topics, including
-major character death
-graphic violence
-substance abuse
-attempted suicide
-sexual harassment
-disturbing and graphic grief
-major trauma

If you are triggered by any of the following please read at your own risk.

Stay safe.

This chapter also contains a moment where a song will play, to increase your reading experience when you see this, -----------, play the reccomend song.

Recommended Song, Like Real People Do, By Hozier

Ô, Wanderess, Wanderess
When did you feel your
most euphoric kiss?
Was I the source
of your greatest bliss?

Roman Payne

Before she could even blink, Belle was transported into another room. This, much more lavish than where she'd been before. It was a bedroom, well, not just a bedroom, more so a chamber. The large bed took center of the room, white and gold leather couches and chairs placed on the far side, a roaring fireplace crepitating, filling the room, jazz, how fucking cliche, playing.

And most importantly, no damn windows.

"Most people think I have an inclination toward black," Lucifer calls, stepping out from behind her, circling around her body, "but I find white so much more..." his eyes roll down her body, "enticing."

Belle shuddered, "why are you doing this?" She whispers, "you haven't won."

The fallen angel narrows his eyes, then flashing a crimson red in response to her words, "yet." He states, bringing his hands up to pet her hair. "I haven't won, yet." When Belle went to hit his hand away, he sighed, snapping his fingers and causing her to freeze. "You see, Ecclesia-"

"Belle," the teen snapped, "my name is Belle."

He smiles, lips twitching, "Belle," Lucifer amends, walking over to a large chair, the huntress compelled to follow, "sit" he commands, her body falling to her knees on the soft carpet by his feet. "You see. You my dearest one, are special." He looks down at her, condescendingly, "My father," he spat the words, "created you for me." His hand picks up her chin, making her eyes meet his. "And I'm not one to turn down a gift." Patting her cheek, she yanked her face from his grasp.

"Sorry," Belle hissed, "I ain't interested, I don't date out of my age group." She yanks her arms to her torso, "plus, you're supposed to use my Uncle as a suit, and that's just too Alabama for my taste."

Lucifer shrugged, "I admit the circumstances are a bit unconventional on that part," he admits, tone aloof, "Dad must of had a laugh on that, but that doesn't make you any less mine."

"Jaibrien," Belle choked out, ignoring the panic that was burning within her. "Where is Jaibrien?"

"You don't need your guardian angel anymore Ecclesia." Before Belle could retort, he perks up, his head tilting, "ahh, a meeting, come, let's go."

Forced to rise again, Lucifer transported them back to where Cas was waiting in his circle of fire, his eyes met hers as soon as they appeared. Belle moves to go toward him, but a bruising grip cements her to her place. The devil simply holds her there as he stares carefully at him. The click of heels interrupted the staring match between the two celestial beings, Belle turns to see Meg walking toward them, a smile on her face. "I got the Winchesters pinned down. For now, at least. What should I do with them?"

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