Perfect Chapter 38

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Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of few perceives what has been carefully hidden in the recesses of the mind

There was a certain stillness when she awoke, a calm filtering of bliss that clung to the air. Belle's eyebrows furrowed as she looks to her side, the bed slightly sunken where her partner had lay, heat gone from the bedding.

Groaning as she stretched, she moved off her bed, wiggling her toes on the fluff of the carpet, smiling. Humming she picked herself up making her way through the house, hearing the familiar clang of dishes as she neared the kitchen.

"Pancakes or waffles?" She asks, her face lighting up as they made their way over to her, wrapping their arms around her waist and sending kisses up her neck.

Their warmth consumed her as she settled in the embrace, "French toast, your favourite."

Belle giggled quietly, settling in deeper, "you get me so well, how'd I end up so lucky?"

"I think it may have been the fact that my father actually made me for you." Jaibrien laments, shifting her weight slightly so she could move back to the stove. "Or I'm perfect." Jay says off handedly.

"Mmm, that one," The huntress says lightly, "I think it's the latter."

The angel only gave her a smirk as she placed a plate infront of her, putting the dishes off to cool and sitting beside her at the bar. "Good?"

Pursing her lips in a faux thinking face, "mmm perfect."

Jaibrien places a quick peck on her lips, "eat your food, Derek said he'd be over later, right? He wanted to see the house."

Nodding the huntress shovels a few bites into her mouth, "Yeah, I think he wants to make sure they didn't screw us over."

"Newlyweds apparently get screwed over a lot." Jay points out, "he's just worried for you."

"Pft, nah, I think its because Hank is going through one of his phases," Belle points a skewered raspberry at the angel, "His mind on girls."

Blue narrowed her eyes playfully, "and yours wasn't at that age?"

She thinks for a second, faint memories filtering acrossed her mind, "maybe, he's what twelve? I don't know if I knew I liked girls at that point."

She nods, taking the empty plate from her and placing it in the sink, "so, have you heard back from that MCIS yet?"

Belle snorts, "NCIS, love, N, Naval, not whatever you said." Ignoring the bitch face she got, she continued, "I got an email from the Director I think. Vernon Dale, he wants me to come in for an interview with uhhhh Tib? No, no, Gibbs, I guess they have money in the budget for another agent on their team." The huntress plays with her hands, taking a sip of the coffee infront of her. "I don't know, moving on from the Marines? That was one step, this? I'm not sure, what if they don't... want me?"

Jaibrien takes the mug of coffee from her hands, picking the huntress up from the stool and pulling her over to the couch, "you're a genius, an ex-marine, trained by profilers, and have a doctorate," The angel whispers, kissing her cheek, "My Doctor Morgan." Belle giggled, enjoying the warmth, "You'll blow them away, I promise you." The huntress nods, "if you don't we can always dissapear, run away together."

"Didn't we already do that?" She asked laughing at the eye roll, "we found the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood... my perfect wife."

Jay laughed, "how did I get so lucky?"

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