Interrogations Chapter 15

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"If all the world hated you and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved of you and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends." 
― Charlotte Brontë

Blurred words seemed to be the only thing that filled Reid's vision, aching with tiredness and a slight tint of coffee enveloped him. He sighed as his eyes flickered across articles and reports, anything that mentioned the youngest Winchester. 

The team had retreated to their hotel rooms long ago, the sun had slowly climbed to the sky, filling the office with its fiery glow. The building had begun to burst with life as returning police dripped in. 

Soon he heard his boss pass through to look at him with a slight tint of disappointment. "Did you sleep?" His supervisor questioned, dropping his case to a chair. "I told you to go back to the hotel." 

Reid shrugged indifferently. "It doesn't matter I wouldn't have slept anyways." Hotch wanted to continue but more co-workers filed into the room.

Crowding around the table they began to discuss the upcoming search for their unsub when chaos broke out in the bullpen.  Screams for whoever just entered to show their hands and stand down. Like a bullet from its chamber, the Agents sprung to the door ripping it open to show him. It was the man that had kidnapped Belle. His face was pale and scared, sweat dripping from his appearance as he quivered and clung to his own arms as if they could quiet the orders. 

Hotch swung his hand in front of him, trying to calm the trembling unsub. "Hey, Mr..." The Agent blanked realizing they hadn't even known his real name. The dark coffee-colored eyes that once held malicious intent was wide with innocence. "Mr.  Adramalech?" He tried. 

"That's not my name!" He screamed at Aaron violently. "It's not my name! Not mine!" He repeated hysterically. 

Trying to defuse their dangerously spiraling unsub, JJ stepped forward. "Okay okay." She soothed. "If that's not your name, what is?" The blonde tilted her head as she gave him a motherly smile.  

He watched her beaming to himself practically crazed. "James! It's James. My name is James Scott."

They stood for a second just watching to see what he'd do next yet that sickening smile falsely portraying a sense of purity. That was until Hotch decided to speak again. "Mr. Scott, do you know why you're here? "The elder agent took a few steps forward, uneasily. 

A vigorous nod answered them. "I'm here to report a crime, but people started yelling at me when I walked in!" he shouted, glaring at the police officers. Morgan toed his way closer as he signaled Hotch to keep talking. 

Taking the hint he begins again, pulling the attention back to him. "Mr. Scott, what crime do you wish to report?" He tried to use a genuine smile and keep his eyes from twitching to his teammate. 

"I was possessed! Or hypnotized! I don't know where I've been for months." He cried yanking at his hair. "All of it is gone, only glimpses. Ohh, of her! I don't know... I don't know who she is, but she's hurt!" He gasped not noticing Derek a few paces away. "Then there's that name, oh that's all the voices talked about." James kept shifting his feet and his movements begun to get more frantic. 

Aaron nodded along as if the unsub made sense. "What name?" He asked. 

"Um, um... Winchester! Dean Winchester." He smiled proudly just as Morgan got a hold of him, ignoring the thrashing and putting him in cuffs. "No please!" He screamed, his chest convulsing. "I don't need cuffs! I don't...I didn't do anything! I did nothing! I am the victim! Please, let me go. Go! Go! Go! Let me go!" His pleas grew as tears streaked down his face and he was pulled off into the direction of the holding cells to calm down. 

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