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I Decided not to delete the AN, lmao

Usually I do this stuff on my message board, I'll update you guys on Chapter  plans, ask for help with structure ideas ect.

I also post some weird things that I do while writing and plan on posting links to writing techniques and sources that I find helpful as a teen writer.

So if you want to keep updated with that you can check my profile or do a quick follow and you'll get notifs when I post on it.

BUT this was a bit too long of a conversation, so I'm going to open a discussion here, for you guys to ask questions, I'll answer them (if they don't spoil anything for later stories), give advice or just vibe for a moment.


So, I know the last few chapters were intense and I hope I gave enough forewarning on triggering events.

I tried to make Belle's grief as convincing as I could and to me, she would be devastated... you know?

I hope I didn't overwhelm anyone, I always feel bad when I create a bad headspace and if I did so for you, I apologize.

The reason I'm saying this is because I got a few angry people in my dms, upset about the death and Belle and me 'ruining a queer relationship' and I just wanted to make sure you all knew that I love the characters that I created. I began their journey to mimic an ACTUAL relationship I was in, a same sex relationship with another woman. 

Belle and Jaibrien are much more than just this and I'm actually planning on creating an independent world/universe for them to live in. This means creating a novel that I can shape around the idea of this storyline but obviously without the fandom aspect.

But this is still my story, and I understand that you guys have fallen in love with them too but the plot and ending has been planned since the beginning and I can't change that.

The story is going to be picking up soon, this was the marking of the half way point and I hope that you all continue this journey with me.  The support that I've gotten has been... absolutely wonderful, I couldn't have imagined that this would be the start to such an amazing  project.

If you guys dislike elements, I love to hear it, truly I do. I think that authors can get a little blind sometimes and it takes unbiased eyes to help them.

But please be constructive with it, it truly hurts to hear some of the language that's been thrown towards me.

I'm sorry that Derek said what he said to Belle, but it was a moment in their relationship that needed to happen.

I feel as if Hotchner would be the most protective of the Team, and that means not trusting Belle.

My point is, thank you all for reading, and commenting and voting, it always brightens my day. Seriously, seeing the small community in each chapter build and you guys conversing with each other is mindblowing.

I hope that I don't disappoint you all in the ending I have in mind and the story that will get us there.

Also I realized some of you may not know me, so here's a quick meet your Author thing

My Name is Mackenzie, I go by Kensii or Mischief

Pronouns she/they

I'm 17 years old

And this is me!

Anyways, sorry for the rant, have a goodnight/day wherever you guys are

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Anyways, sorry for the rant, have a goodnight/day wherever you guys are. <3

-your author

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