Memories Chapter 11

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Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.

 Bernard Law Montgomery 

Deep breaths of air seeped into Belle's lungs, the taste of anesthetics stained her tongue as nurses buzzed around her bedside. She ignored their questions, writing them off with a wave of her hand. One particular nurse smiled at her, checking that the IV they'd put in her arm hadn't slipped. 

"I know it can be scary, hospital."  The woman quirked a manicured eyebrow and looked up at her once she had finished her checking. "Especially for a girl your age, I mean, I have a daughter and she's not too far off... well," She sighed and looked to Belle's bandages. "I could not imagine her hurt."

With an ache of her heart, Belle returned the apathetic smile, quickly checking the name on her shirt before adjusting herself slightly. "Thank you, Nurse Alverez, that was... very kind."

The woman scoffed in response patting the patient's head while she turned to leave. As she reached the door her hand hesitated, she cast a glance over her shoulder and smiled to the dozing child. "Get better el angelito, I can tell you're important." with that the Cuban mother left the room, off to do other menial tasks. 

*A year and a half ago, Littletown New Hampshire, With Belle and Jaibrian*

 Sweat pooled off of Belle's face mixing with dried blood cacking her skin like battle paint. Wounds were scarce but still present as the teen hummed in content happily arriving at the lone motel room she had rented. Well her and this seemingly sentient growth out of her side. 

The roaring machine calmed into a purr as she halted, cutting the engine off and hopping off her baby. Patting the seat affectionately and luging her arsenal over her shoulder approaching the door utterly exhausted a flutter made her stop her movements... speak of the devil. 

"Belle? You seem to be hurt, would you like me to heal your wounds?" Delicate fingers darted to touch the hunter, who jerked back like a snake had struck. 

"Rian, it's just a few scratches..." the leather-clad adolescent trailed off as her request was ignored and her celestial being inched closer, reaching out again. "Rian! Stop, I said I was fine." Belle caught her wrist in a calloused grip to stop more attempts, whilst using her other hand to push the door open.

"I understand you do not see the need for this but you must understand it is-" Jabrian's honey slicked words were cut off by a sarcastic mimic. 

"-it is your godly duty to protect me! And you shall, even if it means slaying demons and brothers alike!" She raised her voice in a faux magisterial crescendo. A huff escaped the dramatic girl as she flung her dirty body upon the sheets of her bed. "Well you have to understand I don't need anyone!" Her arms flopped to her side in an exasperated manner. 

A reposeful hum met her whinging and the angel picked up discarded clothing items and random knives that had fallen after they'd been embedded into the wall. "Well need or not I am here. It is my duty." A stern tone consumed her voice as she furrowed her eyebrows and polished off a knife's blade with the soft silk of her shawl. "No human will stop me from pleasing my father." 

Anger filled Belle's chest, two months she'd spent with this creature. Two! And yet here she sat, still an assignment. Still just a human. "Well if that's all I am to you, an object for you to use so your precious dad can give you a pat on the back... count me out. Watch from a distance, go back to the pearly gates, whatever. Just don't come back here."

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