Childhood Chapter 28

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“Remembering our loved ones is breathing life into their fading images, that we might once more see their faces and pass along a tearful “I miss you.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

Belle grunted, knees curled up to her chest as she let the tv drone on in the background, Morgan was still gone, she had just gotten off the phone with him, apparently they had some weirdo who had a thing for dismembering women and mix and matching their limbs.


Anyways, it looked like it'd be a few more days, so here the huntress was, sat on the couch, eyes glazed in thought as she caught on to what the scene was. A father wrapping his daughter into a hug, holding her.

9 years ago, a small town in Ohio, with Belle Winchester

The low rumble of the tires rolling over the pavement soothed the young girl as she lay in the bus, sirens echoing in her mind as she plays with her fingers.

It's okay bambina

The child whined, shifting, pulling the sides of her coat tighter against her body.

It's time for you to leave, time to find him.

Find him? She has to find him.

She finally had gotten a tip from a local hunter who spotted him in a small motel in Ohio. So the young girl was put on a bus and here she was.

The bus squealed as it came to a stop, the driver glancing up at her in the rear view mirror, "Hey Kid, end of the line."

With a huff, she pulled her backpack on, hopping up and walking to the front, "Thank you." She whispers, eyes tired as she slowly clambered out of the vehicle. Her short legs almost catching as she steadied herself. The man looks down at her nodding.

"You be safe, alright? It's dark." Belle nodded, walking down the street as she sees a tiny, run down diner. Huffing she hobbled over, small boots clicking on the pavement as she entered the restaurant. Pushing the door with a huff, the bell chiming, grunting she waddles over to a booth, climbing up she settles down. Just as she caught her breath, a kind looking older woman, crows feet framing her rosy cheeks and dusty grey hair walked over. "Hello sweetpea, where are your parents?"

Belle blinked owlishly at the elder woman, "I have money," she whispers quietly when the waitress tilts her head, going into her pockets she pulls out two slightly crumpled 20 dollar bills and places them on the table. "I'm just hungry."

Yet, she takes the rumpled looking child in stride, just nodding kindly as she kneels beside the table. "I see, are you here alone?" At the girls answering nod, the worker places a menu down on the table. "Well, why don't you pick some food out, and I'll get an order into the cook, right away. "

Belle nodded, looking in thought, "Can I have some chocolate milk and a cheeseburger please?"

"Fries with that honey?" The waitress asks, cheeks crinkling with a smile. This child was adorable, looking at her freckled face scrunch in thought, long dark shirley temple curls falling around her wildly and the brightest green eyes she's ever seen look up at here in wonder. Well let's just say the elder woman was refraining from scooping her up and holding her in her arms and never letting go.

"Y-yes please," she whispers, playing with the flayed corner on the menu.

With a tap of her pen on her notepad, the waitress nodded, "that'll be out in a giffy dear."

The young girl sniffled, the chill of winter finally seeping from her bones. Looking up with a smile when the waitress places a cup of chocolate milk infront of her with a straw and a colouring mat with some crayon. Concentrating, she slowly filled in the gaps with the colours.

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