Stardust Chapter 41

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This chapter contains a moment where a song will play, to increase your reading experience when you see this, -----------, play the reccomended song.

Song, Saturn by Sleeping At Last

Some apologies are like the giving of a bomb that is about to explode as a peace offering.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

After the absolute cluster-fuck of the last case, Belle was already done with the wonder duo, especially soulless Sam because holy shit was he annoying.

Okay, the teen understood she should sympathize with him but the absolute ridiculousness of the whole, 'I have no soul and now I'm sad' paired with the damn puppy dog eyes just rubs her the wrong way, and now that they'd had the complete acid dream of a case with faeries, she was kinda at her ropes end. So now, here they are, sitting in baby with a half-dead, or well as half-dead as you can get for a Rouagru, right next to her. Two demons glared at them from the car they leaned on, dragging the hooded prisoner with them. "You're late." Henchman number one snapped.

"Yeah," Dean smiled tightly, "Traffic was a bitch." He replies sarcastically handing Henchmen number two the kidnappee. "Now where's Crowley?" He called, standing next to Sam as his arms crossed.

The first demon sends the eldest Winchester a tight sneer, "Banging a hooker in a sweet spot called None Of Your Business."

Belle's eyes narrowed as she flipped her angel blade from it's holster, "Watch yourself." She growls as Dean steps forward hand hovering above her shoulder. The demon looks at her bashfully as its eyes slid over to a harsher look at Dean.

"Oh, look at that, Sam. Demon trying to be funny." He throws the jeering remark, tone completely venomous.

Sam gave them a faux surprised look, "Oh, is that what just happened?"

Dean grunts, "Are we ever gonna see Crowley again or is he just gonna keep sending his demon extras to pick up his laundry."

"I'm sorry." Dick number one states, " I know you're speaking, I see your lips moving, but I can't understand what you're saying 'cause I don't speak Little Bitch."

As they clambered in their car Belle shrugged Dean's hand of harshly as the trio watches the vehicle peel away.

"Remember when we used to gank demons?" Dean said, to no one in particular, ignoring the slight burn of his hand that fell limply to his side.

Belle's throat rumbles in a mordacious chuckle. "Ain't it funny how people change?" She hissed, pivoting on her heeled boot leaving Dean to watch after her exasperated, ignoring the obvious look from Sam, he smacks his brother heading after his estranged daughter.

The huntress reclined on an old creaking chair, eyes following splits in the drywall as the boys squabble in the background. A glass of cheap whiskey clenched in her hand whilst she stare blankly. An old tune whispering in the edges of her mind as they talk. "No man, screw it, I'm done." Dean rushed, face spewed in spite as he pours himself a drink.

"Calm down." Sam orders, annoyed and trying to ignore the sweltering anger of his brother.

The male turns on him, arms crossed over as his chest heaves, "We've been going on these freaking Crowley runs and it's not getting us anywhere." Ignoring the call of his name he continues his rant, "I mean, the only thing that's really changed, is now I need a daily rape shower."

Belle threw her 'father' a blistering glare at his word usage as he shoots her an apologetic grimace. " OK, you're right." Sam intervenes, his tone dry. "Let's go with Plan B. Oh yeah, we don't have one. So till we do, sorry dude, stock up on soap-on-a-rope. Dean, if you wanna get my soul back, that's what we gotta do, Okay?"

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