Fights Chapter 33

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Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

Friedrich Nietzsche

One month later

A gasp erupted Belle, as she bolted out from bed, whining loudly, her chest burning. Knocking over an item on her desk, sending it to the floor, the peices shattering and shooting across the floor. Another  wail pushed from her lips, her knuckles whitening as she gripped her bed spread. The house was quiet except for her own cries. Derek would be back later today from his case. He'd be back.

Clambering off her bed, she ignored the pain of glass slicing and embedding itself into the bottom of her feet. Making her way to the bathroom where she pushed on the cold water, trying to put out the fire that spread across her skin. Curling up in the bathtub, clothes sticking to her body, blood mixing with the water, swirling down the drain. Sobs escaped her, to the point where she heaved violently, bile mixing with the water and washing away.

"Isn't this cute? Ecclesia is in love!"

"No," she whispered hoarsely, voice broken, throat raw with heat. "Please."

"You stay away from her!"

Fuck, no, no, "No Blue..."

"Awe, two little abominations..."

And that was it, a scream erupted from her. Body battered, a bang sounded on the front door, a woman making her way into Belle's room, brows furrowed at the bloody footprints in the direction of the bathroom. "Belle!" She called, "I'm coming in!"

Stepping in she froze at the sight of the girl, all curled up in herself, shaking while ice cold water pounding down from above. Savannah's eyes softened as she approached, hands raised, "Hey, Belle, I'm gonna shut the water off, okay?" After some coaxing she ended up pulling her from her tub, and settled her in a towel on her bed. Leaving momentarily for a med kit, she returned, picking the glass peices from the soft flesh of her feet and disinfecting it. "We should bring you to the hospital... I can call Derek-"

"No thank you." Belle whispered, much to the elder women's surprise. She been murmuring to the teen as she worked on her wounds, this was the first time she'd spoken back. "I'm okay, I have school."

Savannah faultered, "No, Belle, you can't be on your feet and it really would be-"

"No thank you, I'm sorry to have bothered you, I have to go to school now." Belle said softly, eyes glazed with thoughts. Savannah saw the look, before nodding, picking up the scraps from bandages and stepping away. Picking up her phone immediately.

Finding the contact number, she quickly pressed call,  bringing it to her ear as she stepped out into the hall. "Derek? Somethings going on with Belle-".


The roar of her motorcycle fell over conversations as she rolled in the parking lot, everyone's eyes followed her just like every morning. Everything was just like ever other morning, except it wasn't . It wasn't like every other morning. The pain settling itself in her chest, a pang every second, proved that today, was not ever other fucking day.

Cutting the engine she heard the familiar rumble of an older car, Lis pulled right in next to her. They smiled at her, dressed in a jean jacket that they'd painted themselves. Of course that meant the back had an anarchy symbol with, "Eat the Rich" in bright red. The arms decorated in different political pins, like medals.  They were also wearing a corset vest and black button up with ripped black jeans.

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