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Saved~ Dean x Reader by fan-of-the-fandoms
Saved~ Dean x Readerby Multi fandom Trash
  • deanwinchester
  • angels
  • crowley
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I Am Percy by Eclipse_Rose
I Am Percyby Angel of Chaos
"Well? What did he sign?" "He said 'Well jacka$$? What do you f**king want?'" --------------------- Percy just stopped talking one day. No one knew w...
  • winchesters
  • samwinchester
  • deanwinchester
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Winchesters sister by foreverirusu
Winchesters sisterby renee
"Supernatural's not real. It's just a book."
  • mishacollins
  • deanwinchester
  • jensenackles
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An Angel in Hell (CastielxReader) (fatherCrowley x daughter reader)  by cj_is_trash
An Angel in Hell (CastielxReader)...by Cj_is_real_fandom_trash
Castiel and the Reader are soulmates. Follow their journey starting from the moment they met. Prepare for fluff and feels. Please feel free to comment I love to here fr...
  • xreader
  • crowley
  • castiel
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Fallen- Castiel Fanfiction by ToxicWinchester
Fallen- Castiel Fanfictionby ToxicWinchester
Madison Winchester, the middle child of her siblings, is destined to play a role in the apocalypse just like her brothers. She's been in the family business all her life...
  • angel
  • cas
  • love
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The Winchesters Sister by 8SuperGirl8
The Winchesters Sisterby 8SuperGirl8
What would happen if the Winchesters figured out they had a sister? Would they go find her or leave her to live her life? **going through extreme (and slow) editing**
  • castiel
  • chuck
  • lucifer
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Pink Skies (Dean and Sam Winchester ) by OzzyBlack22
Pink Skies (Dean and Sam Wincheste...by Nadia Obsidian
"Well Jack called for me, " Rania told them. "I did not, " Jack said looking at her with accusing eyes. "Yes you did, " she told them as...
  • sam
  • dean
  • winchester
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Social Media → Jensen Ackles by nikoIinas
Social Media → Jensen Acklesby “ mar ”
@cassiemcnamara: who am i rumored to be fucking again @xoxomegsunicorn: jensen ackles, here's a picture @cassiemcnamara: oh ok nvm he's hot @JensenAckles has followed yo...
  • deanwinchester
  • samwinchester
  • supernatural
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Being Different (D.Winchester) by Gerlithequeen
Being Different (D.Winchester)by Gerli
" Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they were once before." Elena Singer is not l...
  • jensenackles
  • deanwinchester
  • ben
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Dean's Daughter (Supernatural Fanfic) by damarismillerfanfic
Dean's Daughter (Supernatural Fanf...by Damaris Miller
[Book 1/3 of The SPN Daughter series] After 15 years, Dean finally learns that he has a daughter. Maeve Kelly has these supernatural powers that she can't explain. She...
  • samwinchester
  • deansdaughter
  • deanwinchester
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Without A Trace  >>  Dean Winchester  by Caroline_Blackwood
Without A Trace >> Dean Winchest...by Caroline Blackwood
"She's a ticking bomb and her time is running out." [ A Supernatural Dean Winchester FanFic ] -written by Caroline Blackwood- Start: officially published on Ja...
  • clarissa
  • jensenackles
  • spn
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Crossfire ⌲ S. Winchester [1] by winchasster
Crossfire ⌲ S. Winchester [1]by ❰ hayden ❱
❝ He's trade his guns for love, but he's caught in the crossfire. ❞ _ in which Sam Winchester meets a Stanford graduate over text and he learns a thing or two [FIRST BOO...
  • social
  • katie
  • arrow
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SOLPETHA ↝ castiel by projectionist
SOLPETHA ↝ castielby 𝐞𝐦𝐦𝐚 .
❝ HEAVEN ON EARTH IS NO LONGER A CLICHÉ. ❞ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ↳ in which the angel in a trenchcoat falls in love with the girl that can hear the angels- who just so happens to...
  • mishacollins
  • supernatural
  • fanfiction
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Daughter by whomstan
Daughterby Mel Mell
I haven't had a father. Ever. My mother has his number on the fridge in case anything bad happens. Well, I think my mother going missing is something bad. What I didn't...
  • daughter
  • dean
  • marley
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【 ANGEL 】  ✓ by taronsegerton
【 ANGEL 】 ✓by REESE!
ANGEL ! ☆彡 ' i'm an angel of the lord you dick bag! ' ( spanish translation by @grindelwald ! ) ( italian translation by @blackjudas ! ) ( cover made by @starIo...
  • jaredpadelecki
  • jared
  • destiel
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Lost & Found by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Lost & Foundby Lone-wolf-fanfics
When Zara is caught stealing the police of Sokovia try to contact her biological father. Dean Winchester had no idea that a one night stand when he was 17 produced a ch...
  • samwinchester
  • supernatural
  • wandamaximoff
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The Huntress ➳Allison Argent by thatpunkmaximoff
The Huntress ➳Allison Argentby ↠ Melissa
When Allison Argent dies, a mix-up happens and her soul gets sent to the wrong place. When Castiel finds out, he does his best to right this wrong, but Allison's mind is...
  • friendship
  • supernatural
  • deanwinchester
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Dean x Reader - New Kind Of Life by fan-of-the-fandoms
Dean x Reader - New Kind Of Lifeby Multi fandom Trash
  • characterxreader
  • deanwinchester
  • marywinchester
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Little Wishes - Wincest by BeTheSammyToMyDean
Little Wishes - Wincestby ∆ Satan ∆
After a hunt gone wrong, Sam and Dean end up with a three year old Castiel who thinks that the brothers are his fathers. Join the brothers in their journey of becoming p...
  • brothers
  • wincest
  • castiel
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Supernatural GIF Imagines by actually-satan
Supernatural GIF Imaginesby Abbiculus
uhh read the title I own nothing
  • xreader
  • raphael
  • supernatural
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