Amora (Supernatural - Castiel Pairing) by insaneredhead
Amora (Supernatural - Castiel insaneredhead
Amora is Dean's twin sister who when they were still young was given away. Now, Dean returns from Hell because the angels have need of him, only problem, they have need...
  • sorceress
  • castiel
  • supernatural
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Worth the Fall ° JENSEN ACKLES by smolderholders
Worth the Fall ° JENSEN ACKLESby mourning
❝it must be something in the way she speaks like she's done this all before. it must be something in the way she hurts it makes her look so beautiful. it must be somethi...
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ENDEARMENT  ゚Dean Winchester's daughter ゚ Jack Kline by Advancedpotter
ENDEARMENT ゚Dean Winchester's Advancedpotter
❝ Green eyes, blonde hair, that attitude. Yep that's Dean's daughter ❞ ❝ Go screw yourself Bobby. ❞ ( DEAN WINCHESTER X DAUGHTER ) 2018@advancedpotter
  • deanwinchesterdaughter
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Dean's Daughter (Supernatural Fanfic) by damarismiller
Dean's Daughter (Supernatural Damaris Miller
[Book 1/3 of The SPN Daughter series] After 15 years, Dean finally learns that he has a daughter. Maeve Kelly has these supernatural powers that she can't explain. She...
  • wattys2018
  • castiel
  • supernatural
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virgin mary ; dean winchester by -mishan-accomplished
virgin mary ; dean winchesterby MISHAMISHA
tragedy looked beautiful on her. {{UNDER EDITING}}
  • pregnant
  • god
  • virginmary
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Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (Sterek) (Destiel)  by Halevetica
Somewhere Between Heaven and Halevetica
(Recommended to be caught up on Supernatural) Stiles Winchester was forced to live in Beacon Hills for two years when his brothers decided that he should live a normal l...
  • derekhale
  • deanwinchester
  • stilesstilinski
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She's Broken (Castiel X Reader{Self-harm}) by xXx_-Castiel-_xXx
She's Broken (Castiel X Reader{ Misha calls me Katie
You were found on the side of the road at the age of 18 by two men named Sam and Dean. You've spent years hunting with the two before meeting Castiel, he had always been...
  • broken
  • cas
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ZEN [JACK KLINE] by KMCriously
"You're not a monster Jack." "How do you know? How do you know I won't turn into my father and use my powers...for bad?" "Because I hunt monst...
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Where it All Began//Supernatural Fanfiction by grootmorning
Where it All Began//Supernatural leo
She isn't crazy. It's just that no one believed her. So she ran away, and on that journey happened to steal a very special, black 67' Chevy Impala. And that, is where i...
  • ghosts
  • deanwinchester
  • ghouls
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Roswell (SPN x Avengers) by insaneredhead
Roswell (SPN x Avengers)by insaneredhead
Roswell is the unofficially adopted younger sister of Sam and Dean Winchester. After years of being left in the background, in motels or at Bobby's, Roswell chooses to l...
  • deanwinchester
  • johnconstantine
  • roswellwinchester
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The Demon Experiment [CASTIEL] by vangeaux
The Demon Experiment [CASTIEL]by moneypenny
She is burning by his side. S h e i s b u r n i n g.
  • fanfiction
  • possession
  • castiel
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Like and Sub by dracos_princess
Like and Subby Collete Winchester
Dean Winchester is a famous YouTube star. Castiel is a history teacher at the local high school. Many of Cas' students fawn over Dean, or as they know him, Dean Zepplin...
  • teacher
  • destiel
  • deanwinchester
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The Hunter's Daughter (A Supernatural Fanfiction) by MirandaLimbDoran
The Hunter's Daughter (A Miranda Limb
Emma thought she was just some normal girl with a mother who didn't care about her feelings. She was used to moving around not staying in one place for more than a year...
  • supernatural
  • deanwinchester
  • bobbysinger
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His Wings.. (Castiel X Reader) by Danosaurious
His Wings.. (Castiel X Reader)by ❅ c h i l d i s h ❅
☁ ︎ His Wings (Castiel X Reader) ☁︎ 2016 (Editing) An angel, with blue eyes, and innocence could never be better.... Right? Well you've been hunting with the Winchester'...
  • dean
  • angel
  • wattys2017
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Castiel x Reader: Not What You Think by Sofaloofa
Castiel x Reader: Not What You Moose In The Impala
When you started your day, you never would have imagined that you'd be thrust into the world of monsters and demons. Much less would you think that you'd be mistaken for...
  • supernatural
  • castiel
  • dean
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Fallen Angel||Sam Winchester X Reader by thosefandomstho
Fallen Angel||Sam Winchester X Hazel
Hope is an angel of the Lord that has rebelled because she knows God isn't coming back. She was a 'Specialist' which is a high position in Heaven, and now other angels...
  • samxreader
  • castiel
  • fanfiction
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I Really Messed Up, Guys: A Supernatural Self Harm Fic by nothisispaige
I Really Messed Up, Guys: A Paige
TW: SELF HARM IS DEPICTED. DO NOT READ IF EASILY TRIGGERED. It is acted out in one of the chapters, when it's up I'll put a warning at the beginning so it can be skipped...
  • cutting
  • depression
  • deanwinchester
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SUPERNATURAL IMAGINESby ˗ˏˋ anjehla ˎˊ˗ 
just a bunch of imagines that can make you laugh and cry (maybe smut?) supernatural // fanfiction cover: @-SCARLETWITCHES
  • wattys2017
  • samwinchester
  • supernatural
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Bound to Lucifer  by ellie_webb
Bound to Lucifer by Ellxxeee
The Winchester boys help you out when a lone hunt goes wrong. Being injured you were driven back to the bunker till you run into a certain someone. The story is revolve...
  • markpellegrino
  • wattys2018
  • luciferxreader
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Tragedy ° DEAN WINCHESTER by smolderholders
Tragedy ° DEAN WINCHESTERby mourning
❝show me a hero and I'll write a tragedy.❞ [dean winchester x emery wilson] [supernatural; season one-three] [stunning cover by @caesteckers] [completed] [highest rating...
  • ghosts
  • impala
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