Honeymoon Chapter 37

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WARNING this chapter contains highly sensitive topics, including

-graphic violence 
-sexual harassment
-sexual content

If you are triggered by any of the following please read at your own risk.

Stay safe.

***This Chapter Does Contain Sexual Content****

This chapter also contains a moment where a song will play, to increase your reading experience when you see this, -----------, play the reccomended song.

Recommended Song, Cold by Aqualung

There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

-Sarah Dessen

When the stars did finally rise into the sky, Hotch realized that the glazed look in Belle's eyes hadn't cleared up. Sighing he turns to Derek who was watching the treeline. "I think she's disassociating." He says lowly, her father nodding once in agreement.

"It happens, when memories surface." Derek explains, twirling the curls in her hair, "she looses herself in them." He holds her a little tighter, "she'll resurface, and then get quiet and then she'll be back..."

Hotch sighs at that, "She's not okay." He states simply, trying to ignore the feeling of protection building in his chest.

"Yeah, I know." He whispers simply into the silence of the still night.

Belle decides to ignore how she woke up in her bed instead of a forest.

Derek pretends he's the one who carried her in.

And Hotch doesn't think about how much his heart melted when Belle curled up a little tighter into her covers when he made sure she got into bed.


Two days later Derek was out of town, a case had finally come back up and the team couldn't do it without him so off he went.

The fact that they'd barley spoken to each other in that time wasn't important .. Okay, look, the thing is , Belle is angry , and she doesn't feel like she should be, I mean, he apologized but... whatever, block it out Winchester.

So, after an awkward goodbye and stay safe, Derek left their home, off to catch some psychopath or other, and Belle had to stay home because she was still suspended.

Laying down in her room, she grunts, rolling over to her keyboard as she slowly begins typing.

Dean Wincheste-

Her phone rings.

Groaning she rolls over, not even glancing at the caller ID as she picks it up, "Hello?" She mumbles, playing with the fuzz of a blanket near her.

"Finally! You haven't been answering my calls," Lis yelps, voice tired, "I tried texting you and Derek just incase he took your phone away-"

Belle's brows furrowed, "how'd you get Derek's number?"

There's a moment of silence, "I may have broke into the secretary's computer." Belle goes to answer when they continue, "The point is, are you okay?"

The huntress thinks for a moment, trying to decide if she should lie, "I don't think I am." She admits quietly, closing her eyes as the words slip from her mouth. Awesome, now Lis is gonna think they have to play therapist, great job Belle.

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