Starting Chapter 4

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Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; suddenly you are doing the impossible.

-Francis of Assis

The team landed in a small airport right near Lawrence, driving in their black SUV's as they rode to the nearest police station. Usually, they'd be working out of headquarters for this but Strauss and Hotch agreed that the likely scenario is that 'where it should have ended' is in the Winchester's hometown. That and Garcia was able to ping a signal off of a tower in the city but was unable to get any more information.

Reid focused on the video again as he re-watched it. Flinching at his hits, his angry voice. This child was in so much pain. Why didn't she show fear? There was no evidence of tears, only anger.

"She doesn't even cry." He noted, JJ and Morgan who were in the front glanced at him.

"Yeah, I know Spence."

"She's used to pain, this probably is a normal occurrence." Morgan spat angrily, wanting nothing more to catch both of the monsters that plagued the little girl's life.

They rode in silence until they reached the station. The vehicles parked into the minuscule parking lot. The local sheriff stepped out greeting them.

Hotch extended his hand starting introductions.

"Hello, I'm SSA Agent Hotchner this is SSA Jareau, SSA Rossi, SSA Morgan, SSA Prentiss and Dr. Reid."

The team shook hands, aside from Spencer who just waved from his spot.

"Yeah, I'm Sheriff Olson. Now we have space for your team to set up, although it may not be fancy FBI grade, It's what we got. I have everyone gathered for a debriefing."

The elder man leads the way into the small station, a few police officers were scattered around waiting. All eyes flashed to the team. Distastefully glaring at the suits.

"Alright, this is the FBI agents from the BAU. They're gonna talk to us bout a child abduction they believe happened here."

A man stood up, dressed in police attire he addressed the agents before any of them could speak.

"We haven't had any amber alerts nor has an abduction been called in." He stated, looking at the team.

"Yes, but we received a video that confirms a child in the area was abducted and brought to a secondary location near here. " Hotch informed them.

"What child?"

The team stopped before Hotch nodded and showed the video eyes adverted the form of the girl on the monitor. A heavy pause fell over the room, no one having the stomach to speak.

"Who is she?" A female detective asked, her face slightly pale.

"That's the thing, we don't know," Rossi said before nodding to Morgan.

"Winchester is her supposed last name, she is most likely related to the Winchester brothers. We don't have a name at the moment so she'll be referred to as Jane. We know that the man holding her is lookin for revenge, and he is somewhere in this state with her."

Aaron stopped him stepping forward, "You will all be given pictures of her, look around ask your returners if they've heard anything. It is most likely that someone knows something. We just have to find that someone." He gave directions before the team set up in a large room.

"How are we even going to start this?" JJ asked, looking to the unit chief.

"Morgan, Reid, you two will go to the Winchester's childhood home, talk to Garcia, see if she can find any friends of John Winchester. JJ you and I are going to set up a press conference, get her photo out there and send a message to her capture, his message has been received, although it's not who he wants it to be. Rossi and Prentiss stay here and help coordinate patrolls, keep them on task."

Everyone hurried off to do their given task, each holding their promise and determination.

"She made broken look beautiful
and strong look invincible.
She walked with the Universe
on her shoulders and made it
look like a pair of wings."

-Ariana Dancu

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