The End Chapter 50

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"Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop."
― Lewis Carroll,

Warning this chapter may include


-major character death

-graphic grief

Read at your own risk

This chapter also contains a moment where a song will play, to increase your reading experience when you see this, -----------, play the recommended song.

Song: Shrike Hozier

If you had told Flint Oneiros a week ago that he'd be an accessory to kidnapping the daughter of a federal agent... he'd probably have laughed in your face and told you that he was calling the cops.

Now, with camera trailed on him, his tight lipped smile as he walks his rambling little brother to school, he wished he could have had the heads up. Henry, thankfully, was talking about some game he and his friends found, his bright blue eyes shinning at him as he ranted and raved about it.

"I'm just sayin' man, we should totally play together!" Henry stated, "I know you're busy an all that but... later?"

And what could Flint do but smile, nod, and ruffle his blonde curly locks. "As soon as these doubles are over, you have my word." His words did well to hide the double meaning, "Now remember, after school you're going over to-"

"I'm going over to Mr. Watson's yes I know Lin." His brother snarked, "I am smart enough to remember things you know. I don't need a babysitter though."

Flint's smile faltered, "Henry." He dragged his disapproving tone out when the teen relented, the bus pulling up before he could argue more.

"We will play that game... right?" Henry asked, and his tone was so hurt, he had to say yes. With his elder brother's confirmation, he cheered loudly, exploding on the bus as he yelled for his two friends, one greeting him with the same loud enthusiasm, the other waving, not without a blinding smile plastered on his face.

When the bus rolled away, Flint should have expected the form of Lucas to be standing expectantly at him. "We need to talk."

With a click of his teeth he started walking to work, "Walk and talk, I already have to leave work early today, can't be late too."

"There are feds in town." Lucas stated, eyes shifting as if expecting one of them to pop out now, screaming for the release of the girl.

Flint only hummed, "That's what happens when you kidnap a kid, yeah."

The hand grabbed his, "You ain't funny. The kid is apparently one of them... one of their kids." Luke shoved his shoulder , "there's heat on us."

Also something that didn't matter to Flint, why would it? Cops came, arrested them two, he got his freedom, Patches got hers. They'd probably get the chair. Easy. Apparently Luke did not agree with his sentiment.

"I'm just sayin. It still stands, you tip off the cops, kid gets killed." He didn't leave room for argument. "Be there at 5 tonight, Boss says he'll need you."

And god did that disgust him.

So he agreed and left, heading to work, the hospital was near the police station, it was something he was aware of, trust him, so... so aware of. So as he passed them, nodding kindly to those he waved at him, but not speaking, no never speaking, he detores to a coffee cart, one that he saw was, for once, a short line. The exhaustion ripped at him in waves. When he stands there, he hears two women conversing, one was tall, short brown hair, the other blonde long curls. "How's Hotch?" The blonde asks, as she pays the barista, stepping to the side to allow, Flint to order. As he does, he keeps tuned in, "I don't know, Foyet being back-" Flint heard nothing else, not a word, because he then saw then badges clipped to their waist and, his fist tightening on the note in his pocket, he knew it was his time.

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