Sweet Child O' Mine Chapter 25

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Warning, Mature and Suggestive themes contained in this chapter

This is a short chapter. Honestly it's just fluff between Belle and Morgan
My computer is also broken so if I made any grammar mistakes please let me know!

Your memory feels like home to me.
So whenever my mind wanders, it always finds it's way back to you.

Ranata Suzuki

Belle hummed, drenched in the warm glow of the forest, the undergrowth twisted toward the edges of the clearing, colours bursting at her feet as the sweet honeysuckle scent envelopes her, the heat wrapping her in a tender embrace. "Hello my heart," A gracious voice called to her, the huntress spun on her heel, eyes brightening in joy, a giggle exploded from her as she sprang into the open arms of the angel.

"What are you doing here?" She asked as the arms came up to hold her, clinging onto the teen as the bees droned around them, the sun slowly dipping toward the skyline, bathing them in a glow of colours. The sway of her love, twirling her body kindly, pulling her into a loving dance.

Hands slowly dipping to the curve of the huntress' hips, "Well," Jaibrian whispered, "I thought that I owed you a dance." With that she swayed their bodies together, the scent of apples and gunpowder consuming the perfume of the flora.

The bright reds and pink of the sky slowly cooled to blues, stars beginning to light the treeline, drowsy fireflies spouting from beneath them, swirling around the two in a drunken ascent. Belle sighed dropping her cheek to the taller angel's shoulder. Tears welling in her eyes as she drank in the scene. "I miss you." She whispered into the cooling night, her voice thick with pain.

"How could you miss me?" The angel asked confused, "I'm right here."

Belle shook her head, stepping back a tear slipping down her cheek, "No, you're not." With that the scene slowly started disappearing, the magic draining from around them.

"How did you know?" Came the question from behind her, Belle took a minute, breathing in and composing herself as she spun to face him.

Crossing her arms across her chest she forced her face to look neutral, "She never called me her heart." Belle took a step forward, "Now, what do you want Gabriel."

The archangel in question only waggled his eyebrows, "Well I wanted to see my favourite Winchester."

"And you do that by bringing her into this?" Belle snapped, heat rising into her chest, "I knew you were an ass but I didn't think you would go this far."

His face fell, "I didn't mean to hurt you," To his advantage, he did seem upset, "I just thought it'd be pleasant."

"Gabriel," her voice rose, electricity crackling beneath her skin, "What do you want." She hissed. A crackle of thunder roaming the atmosphere making the angel chuckle nervously, his hands thrown in defense.

He just smiled, "Look, kiddo, I just needed to see what was going on with you, and when you walked into that church, well, you popped back up on my radar." He summoned a sucker, twisting it in the air, "Now, usually I can hear the murmur of you on the ol' angel radio but nothing for a few months, so, sweet thing, where have you been?"

The huntress rolled her candy apple eyes, "On a bender." She shot out sarcastically, "Why do you want to know, haven't you heard, wars over."

"Why," he gasped dramatically, "I do believe you're too young to be drinking." He shook his finger in a faux disappointed manner. "Now what were you really up to kiddo."

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