The Pianist

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Did you know that the human voice is the only pure instrument? That it has notes no other instrument has? It's like being between the keys of a piano. The notes are there, you can sing them, but they can't be found on any instrument. That's like me. I live in between this. I live in both worlds, the black and white world.

–Nina Simone

Spencer surveyed the room Belle had been tracked to. A quick flash of his badge at the receptionist and a slip of a 20 revealed that a girl matching Belle's description had entered with two males who had gotten the double residing beside her.

Inside there was glass sprinkled finely on the bathroom tile. Long ebony hair filling the miniature trash can beside the sink. Looking around deeper he didn't find much. Lis who had been silent through the entire encounter, clicked their tongue at the sight of the room.

"She cut her hair..." Lis trailed, "She fucking loved her hair... why would she cut it?"

Spencer sighed, "she may have experienced a breakdown or need to cut it. Short hair is less noticeable, easier to hide." He continues looking in drawers until a small white envelope with his name in smooth black ink painted into the top showed.

The duo made a noise of confusion as he slipped the light piece of paper out.

Doctor Spencer Reid,

My apologies for such untoward means of communication, unfortunately there is matters that have suspended our meeting.

I give you a few words of caution, often men on the road to change fate, only seal it.

Belle's fate is made, young doctor. Send the child home. They should not see what will come next.

Until next time


Spencer gaped at the words. This felt like an omen. Of course the name Death brought doubts into his mind. Yet the recent revelations made him feel less likely to push away the nickname to the side, staring at this room, at those pain that seeped through the wreckage , it was then he made up his mind. Sighing he looked down at his phone, the over to the teen starring blankly at the bullet casing that were on the black silk bed sheets that starkly stood out amongst the room.

"Hey Derek, I've got something to tell you..."

A few hours before, with Belle Winchester

A loud knock startled the girl, her head splitting as she uncurls herself from the  ball she'd created in her bed. Sniffling she stands up, weaving around the items thrown around. When another round of knocks sounded she hissed through gritted teeth, "M'Coming.. mother fuckin bitches," ripping open the door her ears squinting as sunlight filtered in she was face to face, well face to chest, with her Uncle. He looked down at her in surprise.

"You cut your hair?" He watched her for a moment before shaking his shoulders,as if he was pulling himself out of his own stupor, she didn't miss the way his eyes lingered on the curls neatly arranged above her brows, even with her sleep rattled expression. "So there's this haunt, we're thinking, not too far from here," He rolled his neck awkwardly "Do you wanna come?"

Belle sighed a nodding, "Yeah give me a minute."

"I like it." Sam stated, his thumbs fiddling close to his chest, "It's uh, very you."

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