Panic Chapter 24

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Hello all, I don't usually do authors notes but everything considered, I felt obligated to write this one. I hope you are all staying safe and taking this quarantine seriously, I myself am out of school and have missed many opportunities but we must realize the weight of this predicament. Wash your hands, stay 6 feet apart, avoid contact and just be safe. I'm in a hotspot and I understand it's all scary but it is what it is, 

Anyway, I hope this chapter can give you something to focus on, and I  hope y'all enjoy it. 

Stay safe 

-Your Author 

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This chapter contain an in depth description of an anxiety attack, read at your own risk

Someone who'll bring some normalcy into my life and help me stay in touch with reality. That is something I'm curious about.
-Shahid Kapoor

With a grunt Belle quietly climbs the stairs, listening half-heartedly as Derek chatters seamlessly in the background. The apartment was nice, the huntress notes duly, she doesn't think she's been in an apartment this nice... ever. There was a noticeable lack of mold or cracked plaster and the air was light without the musty cling of cigarette smoke. It was quiet, another noticeable difference. Instead of loud arguments and sirens, the mysterious pop that could very well be a bullet ending someone's life, there was a hum. A hum of normalcy? As Belle trudged by doors she could hear quiet laughter, clinks of plates being set in a sink, the giggle of children being corralled into warm beds with stories of far off lands bellies full and cheeks pinked with rosy joy. 

She didn't know how to feel about that, suddenly she felt a soft hand hover over her shoulder, hesitant, ready to hold her if needed but unsure. "Kiddo? You with me?"

"Yeah," Her voice rings out, loud in the lambent drenched hallways. Belle coughs as his eyebrow raised, "I'm good just," Her hand gestured dumbly to her head, "Lost in thoughts." 

He nods, giving her a skeptical look, "I get that kid, you've had a long day. Anyways, this is my apartment, I'll give you the spare key later uhm," He smiles sheepishly as he unlocks the door. "I have another room, it's kind of bare. I use it as a guest room but I never have any guests so."

Belle follows the elder man through a cozy living room to a small hallway, eyes glancing to the photos on his wall, some of him with two women, sisters, she noted and an elder soft woman, most likely his mom. Derek turned toward her, his hand pointing to the opposite side of the apartment. "The uh, my rooms right over there, your room has a bathroom coming off of it, so you have your own." He trails awkwardly, but not uncomfortably. "I was hoping you'd come shopping with me and some of the girls tomorrow, maybe Pretty Boy too... pick up some things for your room some clothes." He looks to her, "if you want?"

The huntress bites her lip, eyes looking at the shut door of the guest... her room, then back to Morgan, "I uh, I don't have my cards yet."

He looks at her curiously, "what do you mean?"

Belle grunted, cheeks starting to warm in a manner that melted Derek's heart, it brought such a youthful glow to her otherwise mature complexion, "I have money, my bike, stuff like that. I have a friend bringing it to me."

Derek's eyes softened, "Kiddo, I dont expect you to pay for things." At Belle's confused look he sigh, gesturing to the living room. "Come sit with me for a second."

As they walked over Derek began to talk, both of them sitting on a black leather couch, the cushions sank around her, soft and luxurious, contrasting to the stiff and itchy fabric of motel couches. "You know that you're under my care now, right?"

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