Names Chapter 3

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The room was empty, cold and soundless. The only noise was the subtle drip of her blood hitting the cement below, pain shot through her ribs as she watched the man flounce around her. 

"Daddy will be on his way soon." He sang flicking around a knife. 

"Were you this crazy in your other life? Or am I just lucky enough to see the after picture?" She quipped, her chapped lips cracking as she flashed a false smile. 

That's who is playing our demon friend. 

His eyes narrowed at her

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His eyes narrowed at her. 

"You think you're so funny, but we'll see who's laughing when I rip your father's intestines out and feed them to you." 

"Now as interesting as it'd be to see you try, I don't think that'd work well in your favor, besides your plan has a flaw."

He looks to the girl, confusion on his features.

"What? What did I miss?"

"My father," she spat the word out like venom, "Isn't coming. So you're shit outta luck." 

"We'll see Belle, won't we?"

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