Homesick Chapter 39

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You get a strange feeling when you're about to leave a you'll not only miss the people you love but you'll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you'll never be this way ever again.

Azar Nafisi

When Belle finally calmed down enough to see her own hands, she could hear Dean's low voice speaking with fucking Sam.

Who what?! Was suddenly alive again? Because no one with the last name of Winchester could stay fucking dead?! She swears to god if John some how ends up in the land if the living? She'd put whatever god damn bullet she could in his skull.

"My phone." She whispers, voice raw from screaming, "I need my damn phone."

Dean threw his hands up, "what the hell have you been up to this past year?!" He snapped, "your goddamn photo is all over the news." He clicks on the remote to see a worried Derek talking infront of a crowd his eyes heavy with worry.

"Her name is Belle," his voice chokes, hands shaking, "She was last seen... with a uh, with a grey tank top and black ripped jeans." His eyes met the camera, Garcia to the left of him, raw cheeks painted brightly red with tears streaming. "She's such a good kid, there are no... no signs no clues,"  his hands shake as he lifts a photo of all of them, and another of just the two, the first day of school. "It's been two weeks, Belle I'm so, so sorry."

Suddenly the tv shattered, Hell, the teen didn't even realize she'd taken the damn remote never mind plunged it into the glass. Dean watched her as her chest heaved, Sam had stepped out of the room, and so it just left them. "How's Lisa?" Belle whispers, brokenly, not meeting his identical eyes, "How's Ben?"

"That's not fair Belle!" He yells back, throwing his hands out, "I had to leave."

She laughed, a horrible condescending and self deprecating chuckle that honestly shook Dean, made him sick to his stomach. "You wanna know where I was?" Belle asks, quiet, "I got nabbed, some demon lookin for revenge, well that was after the booze, and the gun to my goddamn head because the only person I had left, abandoned me in a dirty motel room!" Her chest heaved, "I got low, went to eat a fucking bullet, so the newest baddie of the week saw an opportunity." Dean could feel it, his heart actually cracking in his chest as he regarded his kid, his flesh and blood infront of him.

"For months," She stated, looking into his eyes for the first time in a year, "for months he beat me, tortured me, starved me, all to get my Daddy to come running." The huntress dropped his gaze, looking down at her cracked hands, "Guess you were to busy to pick up the phone."

Standing up, she brushed off the hand that Dean tried to lay on her shoulder. "I need to make a phone call. Give me a burner." Holding her palm out she waited a few moments before an old black phone was pressed in her hand.

"Belle, Kid." Dean chocked as she went to leave, "I need your help." His hands shake, anxiety rushing through his veins.

"I need to make a call." She snaps, "then I'll clean up your damn mess."

Slamming the door she left him standing dumbfounded.


Derek watched the team scour over case files, her case files, two weeks she'd been gone. Two weeks, since the day she dissapeared from their house. Two weeks, since his entire world had spun on it's axis.

For a few moments he just sat there, staring at her photo, the smile, rosy freckled cheeks smiling at him. His daughter. And she was no where to be found.

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