Abandoned Chapter 18

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You know, it is funny, when waking up can be the worst or best experiences of your life. For Belle, it was usually the former, jolting forward with a scream erupting from her form, sweat, and tears left behind as she falls forward in a defeated slump.

Once upon a time, there used to be arms to collect her, to hold her close as she wept her fears away... once upon a time.

Yet, this morning, she awoke with a buzz in her chest, a foreign warmth enveloping her as she chased the fleeting scent of cinnamon and gunpowder. How could something so violent become a scent that meant home? Wasn't that just her life? Finding a crook of clarity in chaos?

Shaking away drug-induced sleepiness Belle rose to her feet gingerly, silently making away to her clothes that the nurses had delivered. The clothes she wore in here were ripped to all hell so Nurse Alverez had given her a few things from her daughter had. She dressed carefully as a knock sounded on the door, to which Belle yanked open.

A smartly dressed male watched her carefully, dressed in a way that screamed 'authority.' A cocky smile sprouted on her lips, immediately masking her yearning, "You must be Boss." A surprised look showed for a millisecond before he schooled his expression.

"Yes, I'm Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner," He informed his hand out to shake hers which she promptly ignored.

He watched her expectantly, whilst she stood as a stone in the doorway, crossing her arms over her chest. "Yeah, I didn't ask, what do you want?" Morgan she could handle, but this guy? He reflects everything she's been running from.

"I need to talk to you and your further involvement with my team." His frown seemed to set, watching her with a caution that made her want to confess all her sins, it made her skin crawl.

So in beautiful Winchester fashion, she tilted her chin and prepared to bullshit her way through this. "Lucky for you," Her tongue swept across the topped ridges of her teeth, like a predator savoring their fresh catch, "You and your team, won't have to worry much longer." she gestures to her clothed form, "I'm leaving." With that, she turns to close the door only for his hand to grab it.

"I see the social worker hasn't been by yet." The statement sent a tremor of fear to wash over her body. Her jaw ticked and eyes filled with terror before she schooled her expression, replacing her mask, the flicker of emotion burning out like a shooting star, yet, that was enough. Hotch watched her carefully, looking for anger, hate maybe, but when he watched her, he got reminded of just what she was, a child. A child who was alone, whose parents were dead. He finally saw what Derek sees. "Why don't, I come in." He tries, his tone losing it's hardened edge and taking on a softer tint.

She paused, calculating him scaredly, unable to understand what he was getting at. Her back was stiff as she allowed her eyes to drag down the male, causing him to feel slightly uncomfortable. With a leveling stare, she opened the door a fraction wider, not taking her watch from him as he strolled by. Never turning her back on him and keeping to the door, effectively giving herself an out. 'Like a caged animal' his mind supplies, only to think back bitterly, 'Or a caged abuse victim.'

"You're a minor," Hotch was surprised by his voice, and so it seemed was she. Her head tilts childishly, freckle dotted nose scrunching in confusion.

She nods once, "Yes, great detective skills." She smirks, sarcasm falling off her tongue like an old friend.

Aaron continued to observe the young girl, her shirt was uncomfortable looking, creasing as to show fresh purchase, the neckline swooped lightly, allowing the elder man to see an old brand mark. The pink raised skin stretching across her collarbone and shoulders, peaking out on her lower arms, 'wings' Hotch supplies, 'just as they said.' "You gonna keep lookin at me?"' She snaps, her eyes blazed in emerald fury.

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