Ecclesia Part 2 Chapter 23

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Belle huffed at the budding anxiety filling her chest as she entered the classroom. Masks filled the room, some making the young teen shift uncomfortably.  The huntress pauses beside her father who had zeroed in a particularly disturbing mask, "bring back memories?" Her uncle asks Dean, who turns, not able to tear his eyes away from it. 

"What do you mean?" Came the stiff answer, his jaw ticking with an unknown emotion. 

Sam just rolls his eyes, gaze flicking to his niece, "Being a teenager, all that angst." he states, ignoring her huff of annoyance when Dean made a sound of relief, "What'd you think I meant?" 

"Nothin," He said, eyes following a teen who was trying to fit a rather large and, if Belle were to say, impressive bong in a kiln, but seemingly unable. "Now that brings up memories." his daughter snorts in amusement, knocking their shoulders together as a voice comes from around the corner.  

The trio spin to meet the teacher, whose name Belle had forgotten, "You gentlemen wanna talk to me?" As his eyes fall onto the huntress he flushes, "And lady." He walks over, a large box held precariously in one hand, and what she could only presume to be coffee balanced in a mug on top.  His hand reaches out to Sam, the closest one to his person, eyes flicking over to her as he spoke. 

"Ah, Mr. Harding," Sam says, Belle, biting her lip to hold back the bubble of laughter, she could practically feel Jaibrian's hum of disapproval, and the angel wasn't even here, or was she? Belle's hand rising to her neck to trace the would-be scar that had killed her... almost killed her? Whatever. 

As her uncle shakes the man's hand he corrects them, "Oh, please, Don." 

Not waiting for Sam's, 'Okay, Don,' the teacher is already redirecting his attention to Dean, grasping his hand for a shake, "Even my students call me Don." Then he reaches toward Belle who meets him with a firm shake, "Just, uh, yeah, Don." 

"Yeah, we get it, Don." Dean snips, Harding walked toward his desk, "I'm Agent Geddy, this is Agent Lee. and Agent Morningstar. We just had a few questions about, uh, Tracy Davis." Belle rolls her eyes slightly as she faced the artwork, one thing that annoyed her was her father's incessant need for rock band names, Geddy Lee, Rush, her Dad was a dumbass. 

The man stumbles as he looks at their badges, "Uh, yeah, Tracy, uh, bright kid, loads of talent. It's a shame she got suspended." They put it away and the trio exchange a glance. 

"Uh, you two had a... uh, violent altercation?" Belle asked, her lips pouting slightly as his eyes were drawn to her. 

The teacher smiled, "Yeah, she exploded." He laughs, shaking his head, "If Principal Murrow hadn't walked by when he did, Tracy would have clawed my eyes out." 

As Dean's eyes widen in surprise his brother continues the questioning, "Why?" 

"I, uh, you know, I was only trying to rap with her about her work. It had gotten inappropriate and disturbing." With that Dean gave him a bullshit look, eyes flickering around the class. 

He turns his body as if to show off the projects, "More disturbing, than, uh, those guys?" His hand fell forward to his leg, confused, masked well with a smirk, almost identical to his daughter. 

"She would cover page after page with these bizarre cryptic symbols, and then there were the drawings." He hissed, looking... smug? Suddenly Belle felt uncomfortable, her body freezing up as her eyes dragged over the teacher again, conflictions arising in his body tone and general attitude. "Detailed images of killings, gory, primitive, and she would depict herself in the middle of them, participating." 

Dean looked over to Sam his eyebrows raised and the younger grabbed the silver coin that was originally in the hex bag, "Symbols, what kind of symbols? Uh, anything like this?" He presented the coin now in a smaller clear baggie. 

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