Encounters Chapter 27

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We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.

Pascal Mercier

Belle grunted as her phone rang, not her new one, but the burner that she held onto. Shaking the blurriness from her vision she slapped her hand over to her side table, pulling the door and blinking at the unknown number flashing across her screen.

"Speak." Belle mutters, hair falling messily over her face.

A timid voice hit her ears, "Miss Winchester! My Ecclesia, I'm so utterly sorry for calling so early-"

Groaning the teen swore, "Pastor Murphy?"

"You remember my name?" He asks, a tad hysterical, "of course you do. You're Belle Winchester-"

Said person rolled her eyes as she looked at the clock on the wall, 5:25, Derek would be up for work soon. Rolling her shoulders and keeping the burner tucked between her ear and shoulder, she turned on her light, squinting. "Look, stop with the ass kissing and get to the damn point."
She snaps, quieting herself as she heard floorboards creek down the hall.

"Of course!" Murphy spouts, "I wanted to tell you, I have your possessions, I wanted to know where to drop them off?"

Belle spouted off the address, a warehouse a few miles from them, and he responded with a, 'see you soon,' which left a gross feeling in the girl's stomach. Rolling her shoulders she quickly got dressed, throwing her hair up in a ponytail as she walked out her door, she caught Derek sipping coffee in the kitchen. "Morning Kiddo, you usually aren't up this early?" He grabs her mug from the side of the counter and thrusts it at her, "any reason?"

Humming happily, she took a deep breath and shrugged. "You remember Pastor Murphy, right?" Belle checks.

"The creepy one from the church?" He asks, brows furrowed.

She nods, "Yup."

Derek gives her a keep going gesture, "yeah, lucky I didn't shoot him."

"Okay Luke Hobbs, anyways he's the one dropping some of my stuff from a friends." Belle says as Derek crosses his arms. "Before you say anything it'll be at the drop in..." she takes a glance at the clock, "ten minutes."

"Wha- Kid!" The man yells, coughing as he inhaled his coffee.

Belle raised her free hand in surrender, "I gave you warning."

The agent narrows his eyes, "yeah five minutes." He scowls at her innocent look, "alright, alright." He sighs, grabbing his gun and badge, "let's go."

Snorting the teen said nothing, slipping on her boots and jacket she made her way to the car, giving Morgan instructions arriving to see the Pastor and another random person, who looked sketchy at best. Belle paused looking at Derek before sighing. "Okay, look, before we start the hand off... we do things different." Belle says with a whisper. Morgan looked at her confused, his eyes flickering back and forth. "Just... don't freak out, okay?"

Not allowing him a chance to speak, Belle slips out of the car, flask and knife in hand as Derek follows closely behind. "Pastor." Belle greets, with a nod, as he tried to step forward Belle holds her hand out. "Don't make another move, give me your hand."

Morgan's eyes watched her as she poured the flask out, nodding and running the knife over his skin. Skeptically she handed off the two objects to him, "check your friend." She muttered, watching carefully as he competes the task. "Alright, where is it?" Belle asks, brow raised as she tucks her knife and flask into her jacket.

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