Chapter 57

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Justin Bieber P.O.V -

So yesterday I got a phone call from Jess . She told me she was coming to my school tomorrow , her and somebody else but she wouldn't say . You guys are probably wondering who the hell is Jess , Jess is Jessica Jarrell . I sang the song 'overboard' with her and she's one of my girl ' best-friends ' like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez . Jessica Jarrell is BFF with Jasmine Villegas , that's why me and Jess don't hang out much anymore . 

I got dressed in some black skinny jeans , a white v-neck , my black leather jacket and some black supra . 

---- Literature ----

Shit , I was late on my first day back and my friends or Sammi didn't even know I was coming back to school . 

But I had an excuse , I was showing Jessica around .  

We were talking to Mr.Padil's class ," So who's the other person attending this school Jess ? "

" Oh um... I'll tell you later , shes coming Monday " she smiled .

" Oh OK " 

We were finally at Mr.Padils classroom , I opened the classroom door and quickly looked at Sammi , she's so beautiful and looks allot more happier but then she looked up and saw me . She looked really shocked to see me here and I saw hurt flash through her eyes when she saw Jess next to me .

" Justin , what are you doing here ? " Mr.Padil asked dumbly . 

" I came to learn " I lied . 

I actually came here to show Jess around and to be with Sammi . 

" OK , But your later " he said like I didn't know that . 

" I was just showing Jessica around " I said .

" Oh you must be Jessica Jarrell ? " the teacher asked her .

She smiled " Yeah , that's me "

" Well its great to have you back and its great to have you here Jessica , please take a seat " 

I took my seat were I usually sat which was all the way in the back behind Sammi . Jessica took a seat next to me . 

" So as I was saying , Today were going to talk about Sorrow " Mr.Padil said out-loud .

" Does anybody know what it is ? " he asked , what a stupid question , who the hell doesn't know what it means ? 

" Sorrow is forgiveness " some smart kid said .

" Correct , So today's activity is to write a note apologizing  to somebody because something that had happened " the teacher told us . 

Eh , I didn't want to work , I'm to tired , whatever I don't think the teacher will mind . So I chattered away with Jess .


" Times up " the teacher interrupted .

" Who would like to go first ? " he asked and Kaylee stood up bravely .

She stood up in front of the class catching all the attention . 

" I'm sorry that I've been treating you wrong , but she's my friend and she's your sister . You should believe her , believe every single word not your friends words . But I know your going to realize that he was wrong and she was right all along . But I realized your just trying to protect her from getting hurt but I'm sorry " She said looking up from the paper and looking up , smiling a soft smile to Sammi .

That's right , Ethan is just protecting her from getting hurt . 

" Who would like to go next ? " the teacher asked the class and my beautiful girlfriend , Sammi stood up since nobody else did . 

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