I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 46

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV ---

After eating brunch me and Kaylee went to Walgreen's because we were going to dye our hair and Ethan was dropping us . 

" OK pick us up in 30 " I told Ethan before we entered the store and then he drove away .

We entered the store with cold breeze from air conditioning hitting us and we both grabbed two cars.

" Lets go see the magazines " Kaylee said and we headed towards the magazine isle .

We both grabbed a magazine , I grabbed a 'POP' magazine and she had 'PEOPLE ' . I was looking threw the magazines and I saw stuff about Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez , Pretty Little Liars , Twilight , Cody Simpson but their was one thing that caught my eye 

' Justin Bieber dating his ex- Caitlin beadles ? ' 

I looked at the page and I cried . So Justin is calling me the slut when he's the one that was ditching school and ignoring my phone calls / texts  for her ALL week  ? 

" Whats wrong Sami ? " Kaylee asked curiously and I showed her the magazine .

" What an ass-whole ! " she said and hugged me .

I can't believe Justin , he's such a player , jerk , two-face , ass whole , conceited , stuck-up ... I could keep going on but the thing that is killing me inside is that I still love him and I can't get over him . 

" Lets get the hair dye " I told mellz . 

We were looking for the last isle that had all the beauty supplies but then I bumped into somebody knocking down whatever was in their hands to the ground . I bent down to pick up the stuff I knocked out of their hands which were pregnancy tests ?

" Im sorry for knocking this out of your hands " I said before I noticed who it was . 

I looked up to a worried Justin and a bitchy Caitlin . 

" Yea , you better be sorry " she said coldly .

" Whats your problem ? " I asked her . 

" Um I don't got a problem " 

" Um Yeah you do , that's why your buying pregnancy tests " I laughed along with Kaylee .

Caitlin looked me up and down " aleast Justin took me to buy a pregnancy test , I bet you when he 'did' you he didn't even go buy you a fucking pregnancy test , Oh and by the way Justin's not gonna take you back just because your dying your hair like mine you whore right Justin ? "

" Uh yea " he stuttered .

What hurt me the most was Justin didn't even defend me from her or anything , he only stood their quietly but the thing that ticked me off the most was that he just had sex with his ex- well I guess their back together . I know i shouldn't care but I care about Justin and I still  love him <3 

I turned away not wanting to be near him or the whore . 

Ethan picked us up and took us home . When we got home I dyed my hair to the natural color brown and Kaylee decided to dye her hair to her natural color which is black . 

----------------------- Monday Morning ----------------------------

So I dont have to walk to school anymore because Ethan goes to school with me and he drives . So far I havent talked to Mellz so I guess she ditched me for Caitlin . I haven't herd nothing about Ryan or Chaz so I guess were arent going to speak anymore . Justin still hasn't realized that he was wrong . 

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