Chapter 53 .

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Sorry For the wait & sorry its so short , next chapter would be better , i promise :D

Recap :

" Sammi I'm sorry but I don't .... " Justin said .

Sammi's POV -

" Sammi I'm sorry but I don't know why your still here , You deserve somebody better than - " but I cut him off .

" I don't care if If I deserve somebody better , theirs only one guy that I love and always will " I said . 

" So you should be with him instead of being here with me " he whispered . 

" I'm talking about - " and I was cutoff by a doctor entering the room , dragging Justin to the bed and giving him a shot .

" What are you doing ? " he questioned the doctor .

" We injected nitrous oxide so you won't feel the pain " the Doctor informed 

" what is nitrous ixoide , why do I need that ? " he asked the doctor

" you broke your ribs and your right leg during the accident and nitrous oxide is known as laughing gas " the doctor explained to Justin .

" Justin ! " I herd a feminine voice shout , I looked up to see Pattie running towards her son and In came the rest of his family . 

This is like really awkward , I think I should leave .... " Excuse me , my dad just called and he said he wanted me to go home , so bye " I lied  before they said their goodbyes to me . 

I wanted to stay and pour out my feelings to Justin but I just can't do that in-front of his family . I haven't hanged out with my family for a while so I should go home . 

---- At home ------

The house was really quiet but I herd somebody playing the piano . It had to be dad , only me and dad know how to play the piano . I use to play the piano all the time but one day I completely stopped . I know when I stopped playing the piano , dad was disappointed . My dad always encouraged me to play the piano and sing , so I did and I actually loved it . 

" Daddy ? " I called out and I got no answer . I walked into the living room to see dad sitting on the piano looking at a photo album . 

I sat next to him " Hey daddy " 

He looked up at me with a weak smile " Hey princess , what you doing home ? " 

" Justin's awake " I informed him . 

" Sweetheart , you really love this boy , don't you ? " he asked . 

" yea " I whispered . 

He sighed , looking at this paper that was above the photo album . 

" what's this ? " I asked grabbing the paper . 

" It's a song , I've been writing and I haven't been able to finish it " he looked at the song in admiration . 

I looked up to my dad and he didn't look the same anymore . He's not that old , hes only 35  , he shouldn't look like that . He looked weak and like he was dying . He had less hair and he was skinnier . 

" Daddy , whats wrong ? " I asked looking into his blue eyes which I inherited . 

" n-nothing " he stuttered . 

Their was definitely something going on in this family and their not even telling me . 

" Why can't you guys tell me already ? ! " I shouted before I left running all out of the house with tears falling down my cheeks . I ran and ran until I was at the hospital . 

I barged into his room , surprisingly nobody was their . 

" Sammi , what's wrong ? " he asked worriedly . 

I sat on the bed " My dad is hiding something from me , my whole family is ! My dad doesnt look the way he should look ! He looks weak and like he's dying . Their hiding something from me " I sobbed . 

He stiffened into the hug . " Whats wrong ? " I asked . 

" Do you think its .... ? " he asked but not saying the word 

" I don't know , I hope it isn't Justin ' I whispered . 

" I'm sure he'll survive Sammi " he said talking in a whisper . 

" Justin , I love you " I said looking into his beautiful brown eyes . 

He looked surprised but really happy  " I love you too Sammi " . He leaned in and kissed me on the forehead . 

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Sorry It took forever to upload this chapter , its that it was my sister's birthday and school is killing me >:/ I know this chapter was suppose to be YAY , well it kind of is because Justin and Sammi are getting along  :D But anyways what do you guys think ? I wanna know . 

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