I Just Need Somebody to Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ] Chapter 48

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WARNING BEFORE YOU READ : This story takes place on February 8 [ Tuesday] , 2011 . Sorry that I skipped like the whole January . 

Its been a whole month of fighting and tears with Justin , I think I had enough of Justin . I told him I was Sorry , I told him that Daniel Kissed me but I didn't kiss back . I tried everything but all I got in return was I don't love you , I wont ever take you back . 

Ever since that day I went to his house and we had that argument , My heart was completley and officially heartbroken . 

And now a month later , I think its actually to move on . 

But during all this time I realized who were my true friends and who would always be their for me , they were : Kaylee , Ashlee , Jake , Daniel and of course my lovely brother Ethan . I just want to give you guys a fact :

Fact : Looks can be deceiving , don't Jude anybody  . 

You should never judge anybody because you never know who they actually are and what goes on in their life . I learned alot about Ashlee and Jake , they are really cool people . Ashlee is like a sister to me , shes truthful , fun and energetic . Jake is awesome , hes funny , cute and a sweetheart . 

" Helloooo Earth to Sami , are you their ? " Ashlee asked waving herd hands in front of my eyes .

" Oh sorry , what happened ? " I asked them [ Ashlee and Kaylee ] . 

" Its almost Valentines ! " grinned Kaylee . 

I smiled a soft smile " So , what you girls going to do for Valentines ? " 

" You mean all of Us ; You , Me , and Kaylee ? " questioned Ashlee .

" Um not , I'm not going to do anything for Valentines , theirs nothing to do " I told them .

" Yes their is , theirs the ' Valentines Dance' " Ashlee almost yelled .

" And ? " 

" Your going " demanded Ashlee .

" But I don't have a date " I told Ashlee and Kaylee .

" Neither do we , but were still going " Kaylee said . 

I sighed " But we all know my brother is going to ask you out Kaylee and we all know that Danny is going to ask you out Ash " 

I saw my brother coming towards Me , Kaylee and Ashlee with his friends Daniel and Jake . Ethan covered Kaylee's eyes . 

" Guess who " he asked her . 

She giggled " I know its you Ethan "

Grrr they made me feel like crawling under a rock but its cute in a way though cause they make such a cute couple . 

We all continued talking to each other untill the bell rang for First Period to begin . 

------------------------------------ At Lunch ---------------- 

I was putting my books away in my locker when I herd somebody shouting my named , Oh and guess who it was ... It was .... Ashlee . 

" Guess what ? " She asked all smilely-ish . 

" What ? " I asked trying to sound interested .

" Daniel asked me to the Valentine dance ! " she squealed . 

I smiled " Aw how adorable , Im happy for you guys "

Actually I wasn't liening , I was happy for her . She really loves Daniel , she deserves him and I'm glad he asked her to the Valentines Dance , they make a cute couple .

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