I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 19

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

After i got home from hanging out with Daniel it was about 7 , Mom was in the kitchen on the phone and cooking . When she saw me she hanged up , Dam i wonder who she was on the phone with .

After eating dinner and helping my mom , I did the necessary stuff Then i fell Asleep .

----------------------------------------- Next Day / Monday -----------

I Woke up , Showered , Changed Into a Purple V-Neck , Black Skinny jeans and some flipflops , I Grabbed my hollister Tote And Glasses Then Went downstairs for breakfast .

" Goodmorning Baby " my mom greeted me . She sure seems happy today O.o

' Uhm Morning Mom " I grabbed some Mini Wheat Cereal and Orange Juice , I Sat down and ate with my mom .

" Why you so happy mom " i asked her

" Im always happy sweety what are you talking about " she told me like if i was a dumbass .

" Sweetheart I saw the Justin-You Thing at the beach " momma said .

" What are you talking about "

" That you guys kissed , Its on newspapers, magazines and on T.V so watch out hunny , Keep your held up high " mom said .

I love my mom she's always their for me , Shes actually like a sister to me . My mom is strong and Independent , She Doesnt care what people say and she doesnt follow people . My mom wasnt born a follower , I believe my mom is a follower . And mom always gives the best advice , Ah I love my mommy <3

I herd a car honk from outside , that must be justin with everybody else . I finished my orange Juice and said bye to mommy .

I got into the car and greeted everyone , Justin couldnt Keep his eyes off Me , Sheesh do i have something on my face ?

------------------- At School ----------

I swear when i got out of the car , All the Eyes were on me and justin . While i was walking with Justin,Ryan,Kaylee , Mellz and Chaz ; I herd people whisper stuff like ' What a whore ' ' I hope they broke up ' I wonder if she'll do me ' and crap like that . I felt bad for Justin , couldnt he just live a regular life with out people talking shit but whatever he chose for a life like this but i still feel bad for him .

---------------- Art [ Before Lunch ]

Me , Mellz,Kaylee,Justin,Chaz and Ryan were all sitting at a table Joking around. I was just drawing hearts , Thats what i call heart sike I wasnt in the mood for painting or whatever .

I herd somebody knock on the Classroom door but i didnt look up because i know it wasnt for me

" Samanatha You are excused from class " my teacher said and i looked up to See Ethan <3333 , I grabbed my bag and I walked up to Ethan and gave him a big hug . I swear all the girls were sending me death glares and guys were jealous , but i dont care , Hes My brother <3

Me and Ethan Walked out of the class

" What you doing here Ethan ? Dont you have school ? " I asked him .

" A brother cant visit his faveorite sister And its Senior Week at school so no school for a whole week " he said smiling .

Let Me Tell you how my brother looks : He has black , Blue eyes , and hes Tan . My Brother is one of those Guys every girl would want but hes taken by Angie my old bestfriend .

I hugged Him " I Missed You too Much Ethan " and he gave me a big hug .

" So what you wanna do in Cali " I asked him .

" I dont know lets go somewhere with mom and later i wana meet your friends " he told me , So we left school and went home .


It was about 4:30 , Me and mom had just came back from the places we went with Ethan , Now i was going to introduce him to my friends :D

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