Chapter 41

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I am really pissed off , I deleted Chapter 41 so I have to re-write it ! UGH FML . 

Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

I herd a door open and somebody voice saying ' Awwww ' and somebody was like 'shutup ' , I felt justins arm unwrap from my waist :( 

" What you guys want ? " he asked in a sleepy voice . 

" your mom sent us to wake you and sami up "  a guy voice said .

" all of you's ? " justin asked .

"  um noo but all of them wanted to come so yeah " 

Thats when I decided to get up but I covered myself with a blanket so they wouldnt see i was in my bra and panty/underwear w/e you guys call it >.< I got up and stood next to Justin to see Chaz,Ryan,Kaylee and Ethan .

" Goodmorning " Kaylee said smiling while Ethan had his ' We need to talk ' face when he saw me .

" Yeah Yeah Goodmorning Kaylee and Goodmorning Asswholes " i told them .

" Go get ready so we can eat like now cause im hungry ! " ryan said .

" Ok " and justin closed the door .

" I call the shower first " i said quickly .

He pouted " Why cant we take one toghter ? " 

" not now maybe next time " 

" So theirs a chance ? " 

" Maybe " i said smiling before i kissed him .


After taking a shower I changed into my clothes that I was wearing yesterday and I left the bathroom to see Justin watching a music video of himself on ' MTV ' 

I laughed and he looked up . 

" Stop laughing at me " he said smiling

He got up and got closer to me " You know you look sexy in dresses , you should wear them all the time " he whispered in my ear . 

Hes so dam cute I swear ! . 

" Aw thank you justi " and I kissed him on the lips and after he left into the bathroom to get ready to go who knows where .

I looked outside and saw how people wearing jackets and warm clothes .

I really wished I had a jacket or sweater so I decided to go to Pattie and ask her if she has one . 


I knocked on her door and she yelled  " Come in " so i did . 

" Oh its you sami " 

" yeah Goodmorning Pattie " 

" Goodmorning to you too Sweetheart so what brings you here ? "

" Oh I was wondering if you have a jacket I can borrow cause it looks cold out " i asked her .

" lets see " and she went into a closet looking for an extra jacket or sweater and seconds later she came out of the closet with a black jacket .

" here , put it on i dont want you to get sick  " she said nice .

" thanks " and i put it on . 

" Sami , we need to talk " she said sitting on the bed .

" Oh , What happened ? " 

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