I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love story ♥ ] Chapter 42

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Before you guys start to read this , Let me remind you that this chapter is taking place in NEW YORK not Florida or Cali .

Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

I was in my room staring at my closet , I was excited but nervous for my date with Justin . Ive been on a date with Justin well not really so this is our first date & gosh im so nervous . 

Knock Knock 

"Come in " I shouted and in walked Kaylee . 

" You still haven't found what you should wear ? " she asked staring at me . 

" nope " i mumbled . 

" Well you better hurry cause Justin will be here in an hour and 30 minutes . " 

I groaned " Pick it out for me " 

Kaylee smiled " Yay " 

Kaylee went threw my closet which were filled with some stuff that fit me and didn't . I always left clothes here when i visited New York , Last time I visited this place was last Christmas and I'm sure I grew . 

Kaylee was throwing clothes on my bed , im sure going to have to wake up early tomorrow to clean this mess , I feel bad for leaving Kaylee here with my cousin and brother ..... I wonder if she likes him .... 

" Sami while im looking for your outfit you should go take a shower " 

" Okaie Dokie " I said . 


After taking a shower , I blow dried my hair and went to see what Kaylee had picked out for me to wear .

" There you are ! " Kaylee said dropping the magazine she was wearing .

" So how are you suppose to dress ? " 

" he said sexy but warm "

" Awww what a flirty pants " she said in a ' Aww ' tone .

" Ok so i picked you out 3 outfits " 

" Option 1 " she said while holding a plaid ocean blue mini skirt from hollister , a soft cotton navy blue button up Henley from hollister , a navy blue cardigan , a cute brown leather jacket and some cute black gladiator sandals .

" Option 2 " she said while holding the same blue button up Henley from hollister , a bright floral mini skirt and a scarf and some cute black flats . 

" Option 3 " she said while holding a navy blue laced Cami , a red plaid skirt , a navy blue cardigan , a brown leather jacket and brown boots . 

I actually liked all the outfits , they were from hollister which i freaking love ! 

" I like option 1 " 

" me too " agreed Kaylee . 

I had put on a black lacy bra and thong , then I put my blue button up henly from hollister but i didnt button it all the way and I pulled my skirt up a couple of inches above my waist  and I put my navy blue cardigan leaving it unbutton and I had put on my black ' UGGS ' even though he hates those . 

I looked at myself in the mirror and I just had to say I looked HOT ! 

When Kaylee saw me she smiled and grabbed something " Here spray this on you " she handed me a bottle of shimmer , I sprayed it all over myself .

" Dont forget the perfume " she said to me and then I sprayed some vanilla perfume on myself . 

I looked at myself in the mirror and I felt like I was missing something  Oh my necklace from Justin and my charm necklace from my dad , I can't go anywhere without those !

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