I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 18

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

So im home on a Sunday bored well almost every Sunday is boring . The reason sundays suck is Its a FAMILY day but my family aint togheter and That School starts the next day .

So I decided to take a nap


I woke up around 3 something PM and i realized i forgot to talk to Daniel So i texted him :

Hey Danny , Sorry i havent talked to you this weekend - Sami Biotch x3

Hey sami its aight how about right now ? - Daniel :P

Sure , Meet me at the park on Summer Road - Sami Biotch x3 .

aight i'll be their in 20 min - Daniel :P

I had 15 minutes and 5 minutes to get their , I took a shore , changed into some jean shorts and a black spaghetii strap shirt , and some flipflops .


I saw a guy with long blach hair sitting down on the Merry-Go-Roud ,

" Hey Danny " I said to Daniel my ex from freshman year .

" Hey Sami " he said .

" Oh im sorry that i didnt talk to you sooner " i said .

" its okay its good that you picked today cause its mad boring "

I laugh " i know sundays suck with out a whole family "

" Soo You know how i walked out the class on friday " I told him and he nodded .

" Well ofcourse i reacted like that I havent seen you since the Week you left me heartbroken, and that now all of a sudden I found you "

" I wouldve felt the same way sami but Im Sorry for not talking to you after you know what , its that i was going through a difficult time thats why i never came back " he said .

" What happened then ? "

" i was getting to that part Sami , soo the reason i stopped talking to you that week it was when my parents were fighting , they got a divorced ... " he said .

" soo when i came to cali i still remebered your number and stuff but i realized that i have broken your heart and i didnt want you to go throw no more pain , im really sorry Sami " he said finishing his story .

I hugged him " After 2 years I finally found out and i know how confusing divorces are "

He looked at me shocked " Your mom and dad divorced right ? "

And i nodded my head , He just pulled me into a hug " Its so hard "

" I know everyone says it " i said to him

" So wheres ethan " he asked .

" with my dad in florida "

" I sure missed you and ethan " he said

" You know what ? " i asked him

" What ? "

" We should hang out more "

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