I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 33

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Justin Bieber POV :

I was spending Thanksgiving with mom , dad , his wife , Jazmyn , Jackson and my old friend Cristian beadles and Caitlin beadles . After i had gotten off the phone we all had to say what we were thankful and we ate .

I wish i could of spent Thanksgiving with Samantha . Im Thankful shes my girlfriend shes an amazing person , I can listen 10 things i love about her :

1. Her personality , Shes not stuck up or a slut ; Shes outgoing , funny, crazy , caring and truthful .

2. Her smile , Everytime she smiles it makes me stop and think how lucky i am to have a girl like her .

3. Her laughter , It proves she loves to have fun and shes not boring , She doesnt care what people think of her .

4 . Her beautiful blue eyes , I was always end up lost in them .

5. Her reactions , Shows how gentel and fragile she is .

6. Her stubborness , I Just think its cute .

7. Shes Unique , You can never find a girl like her .

8. Shes classy not trashy .

9 . Shes thinks shes not perfect but she really is .

10 . I Love Her <3

I go on tour next Sunday untill June and I really dont want to break her heart . Without her , i dont know how'll i survive . I already know how she'll react when i tell her ... She'll think im breaking her heart and I know she wont give me the time to explain ... Im scared to tell her , I dont want to lose her

But i have to tell her anyways ......


Samantha Aimee Cruise POV / Sundaaay ! :

So Justins coming today im so friggin excited , Justin told me that he wanted me to be the first person he saw when he came back so he told me that Usher is coming to pick me up so we can go to the airport .

Im really excited Gosh I get My Baby back and I get to meet Usher :D

I changed into a white spagheti strap shirt , with a sparkly purple scarf , grey skinny jeans , some black sandals and my hair was up in a sloppy pony tail .

--------- In The Limo -------

I saw Usher " Hey JB's girl "

" Hey Usher and my name is Sami not Jbs girl " i told him sheesh JBs girl like wtf i have a name .

He laughed " I knew that i just wanted to see your reaction "

" Sure you did " i told him .

" I dont see why Justin likes you " Ugh that Ass

" Yo---"

" Chill , I was playing .. I know why he likes you and dayum he sure loves you alot "

" Really ? "

" Yeah you should have seen the way he yelled at Jasmine and his mom "

" Ohh " i said .

" You excited to see justin , this can be the last time you can see him ? "

" What ? " this guy sure talks alot of shit ... Im going to see Justin again right ?

" Nevermind "


We got out of the SUV and waited for Justin ...

I saw to buff guys walking towards us which i guess our Justin;s Body gard and then I saw My Babee ♥

I ran up to him " Oh my God Justin i missed you " i said hugging him .

" I missed you more shawty " he said kissing me softly on my lips .

Im sure paparazi were taking pictures and more and more . Then Usher came up to us

" Lets go love birds " usher said .

Justin groaned and took my hand .


Mommy was making Dinner for Dad , Ethan , Me , Justin and Justin's Mom Pattie . We were having dinner with them cause daddy wants to me Justin .

I took a shower upstairs and changed into awhite button up cotton shirt from hollister [ the sleves are up to her elbow ] , I had some black skinny jeans and my beige UGG slipers :D


After dinner it turns out dad approved of Justin , Mom had became great friends with Pattie .


Justin Bieber POV :

I had to tell Sami about the tour , it was killing me inside .

" Sami we need to talk " i told her and i saw the reaction on her face , she was terified .


Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

" Sami we need to talk " he told me and lead me by the area were he first asked me out .

" Justin Are you breaking up with me ? " i asked ready for a tear to rolll down my face .

" No i would never do that but you'll probably do "

" What are you talking about Justin " i asked him , Guys sure are cofusing .

" Before i tell you let me do this " and he kissed me .

" Samantha Aimee Cruise I love you and I'll Always will , I know i should of told you sonner but i couldnt bare you to be mad at me ,And i allow you to never talk to me again after this but Im leaving on tour .... untill ... June ... "

" Justin .... "


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