I Just Need Somebody to Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 37

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

Its been 3 weeks since Justin left for his Tour and that means its December 17 at the moment . Christmas is in 8 days . I was really looking to spend Christmas with my family , friends and my boyfriend but its not going to be like that i guess .

Right now Its a Friday night so i decided to have a Sleepover with my friends . I invited Kaylee , Mellz , Chaz and Ryan .


Me , Kaylee and Ryan were finishing singing ' Only Girl - Rihanna '  while Mellz and Chaz were laughing at us but mostly at Ryan .

" Your so gay Ryan " Kaylee said too Ryan when we went to sit down .

I laughed " Right , I wonder if he is .... "

" OH MY BIEBER You guys hate gays ? "

And We all laughed " We dont hate gays sheesh RyRy were just joking around i told him "

Ive known Mellz,Kaylee,Ryan and Chaz for already 4 months and their one of the reasons i didnt move back to florida yet . I always call Mellz Mellz or Mimi , Kayle = Kaylerz or Lele , Ryan = RyRy , Chaz = Chaz or Cheese . Lol I dont think you guys needed to know that but Oh well .

" So What are all of you guys doing for Christmas break ? " i asked them .

" Im going to Canada and New York ! " shouted Ryan .

" Same " Chaz said .

" Im going to Puerto Rico " smiled Mellz .

" Spending it here , what about you Sami ? " kaylee said .

" Im going to Florida and maybe to New Yor for New Years Eve " i said looking at them .

" I want to go to new york with you guys ...." whined Kaylee .

" Tell your mom to let you go as a present " Ryan told her .

"  Thats such a good idea Ryan ! i'll tell her later " Kaylee said smiling .

" Wait I had another great idea but its for Sami ! " Ryan said .

" What is it ? " i asked looking threw a magazine .

" Lets surprise Justin ! " he said .

I looked up from my magazine and smiled " But i thought hes going to be in Canada ? "

" He is but you know how all those superstars like to go to Madison Square Garden on New Years Eve " Chaz said .

" I'll go but nobody can tell justin "

" Aight " Ryan and Chaz agreed .

" Aww I wish i could skip P.R and go to New York with you guys " mellz whined .

" Theirs always a next time babe " chaz told mellz before he kissed Mellz .

" Ugh get a room " I told them  .

They pulled away " We never say that to you and justin when you guys are like way worse " Chaz said smirking .

I gasped " Oh my god Chaz ! Me and Justin are'nt like you guys ! Uggh ! "  and everybody laughed .

That made me realize I miss Justin alot and Im actually excited for New Years Eve to come . I miss Justin more than my family . I miss his surpise kisses and hugs , the way he holds my hand , his laugh when i do something completely stupid , the sparks when we kiss and touch  Grrr ... I miss him to much , Can it be New Years Eve already ? !


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