I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ] Chapter 52

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Samantha ' Sammi's POV ' 

Its been a week since Justin was in a coma . Ever since Justin was in the Hospital I would always head over their after school , waiting for him to wake up . 

My parents are worried that I would fall in to a depression if he doesn't wake up . My brother is worried but he understands that I actually lost the guy I love the most . My friends are also worried , they think their going to lose me but theirs one person that is actually worried the most and its Jake . 

Jake is concerned , worried and pissed . I had recently accepted to be his girlfriend about a week ago and truth is , we barley talk anymore and If we do , its our little argument's . He has the right to be mad at me and to argue , I'm his girlfriend not Justin's . I don't have to be their waiting for Justin to wake up , I should be out having fun with Jake but I just cant help but wait for Justin to wake up . I need Justin to wake up . I need to tell Justin , I'm really sorry and that I didn't mean what I said to him that night . Sometimes I think Jake wants to dump me but he probably cant stand to say those words because he knows what I'm going through and that I'm hurt . 

Well I should be taking a shower so I can head off to the hospital to see Justin . 

I changed into some jean short shorts , a black tank top and my Red hollister hoodie , and some black & red Nike Jordan's . 

I headed downstairs to see my brother , Jake , Daniel , Kaylee and Ashlee sitting in the living room.

" Um , what are you guys doing here ? " I asked . 

" Were going to the Hospital with you , you need some support " Jake answered . 

" Oh , Ok thats great " I tried sounding happy . 

---- At Hospital ---

I knocked on the door where Justin was staying till he wakes up from his coma . 

" Come In " I herd Patties Voice say . 

" Oh Hey Sammi , and who are you guys ? " Pattie asked . 

" Oh I'm Ethan , Sammi's brother " my brother introduced himself .

" I'm Kaylee " smiled Kaylee .

" I'm Ashlee " greeted Ashlee .

" I'm Jake " greeted Jake

" And I'm Daniel " finished Daniel .

Pattie chuckled " its nice to meet all of you , I'll be right back , I'm going to go get some coffee " 

When Pattie left the room , they all started to laugh , including me . 

" Aw , theirs that smile we want to see Sammi " bothered Daniel . 

" Shut up Danny ! " I joked .

" So this is what you do every day ? " asked Jake . 

" W-what do you mean ? " I stuttered . 

" I mean do you just come here and stare at him , waiting for him to wake up ? " he asked . 

" No I don't " I said rolling my eyes . 

" Ugh , don't fight now you guys " Ashlee tried to stop us from arguing again . 

" Whatever , I'm out " before he left slamming the door . 

" Jake , Wait ! " I said opening the door . 

" Let him cool off Sammi " my brother reminded me . 

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