I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ] Chapter 50

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV : 

" You Guys , should we go to the salon or do our hair here ? " Asked Ashlee . 

" Salon " I said real quickly . 

" Salon " agreed Kaylee .

" That what I was thinking too but who could take us ? " she wondered .

" My mom " I told her .  

I went downstairs and asked my mom If she could take us to the mall that had a salon in it and she agreed .  


" Oh My God , You look so fucking pretty ! " shouted Ashlee when I was done . I turned around and looked at my self in the mirror . 

I couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror . My brown hair was in lose curls [ look to the picture in the slide show that has the red dress ] .  I looked real pretty , sorry for being conceited but its the truth . 

"  Aww Justin's gonna be so jealous " gushed Kaylee . 

I giggled " He sure is " 

I wasn't trying to make Justin jealous anymore and I wasn't going to the dance with Jake to get him jealous . I was going to the dance with Jake cause he asked me and I want to have fun instead of staying home eating chocolate at home . 

" You guys look pretty too ! " I told Ashlee and Kaylee . 

" Thanks , but come on lets hurry , lets go home " Kaylee said  

-------- At home  / Getting ready for the dance ----

We all had our dresses on . I had my pretty red dress on with my heels . Kaylee had her red cheetah dress and her black heels . And Ashlee had her dress on with some silver heels . 

We did each others make up and we were ready . 

But their was one thing that I was missing , It was my necklace my dad have given me on Christmas . The necklace was a heart locket with a picture of him and me when he was holding me when I was a newborn  & on the other side was a picture that we had taken recently in the summer . I love this necklace and I love my dad . I'm happy that him and Ethan had moved to California with us . 

I really don't why some people are kind of making a big deal out of this dance . The dance that we should all be worried about when it comes is Prom but that's next year . 

" So girls , how are you all getting their ? " my mom asked us entering my room . 

" Oh , were going separate " smiled Ashlee . 

" Who you going with Ashlee ? " my mom asked her .

Ashlee blushed " Daniel "

My mom smiled " Aww , that's cute , hes a really nice kid , how about you Kaylee ? " 

My mom loves to act like a teenage well she could kind of cause shes kind of young , shes 34 . My mom got pregnant with me when she was 19 and with Ethan while she was 18 . She was too young but she did finish school . 

" I'm going with Ethan " she smiled .

I saw my mom get all excited " foreal ,oh my god Ethan never told me " 

I guess mom is excited that Ethan actually has settled on to one girl and isn't the player he use to be . 

" Sweetheart who are you going with ? " she asked . 

" Jake " I smiled . 

She smiled a soft smile  " Oh hes a good kid " 

I know my mom wished I was going with Justin and I wish I was too but Justin was too late . 

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