I Just need somebody to love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ] Chapter 47

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Samantha Aimme Cruise POV -------------- [ Next Day , January 11 , 2011 TUESDAY ]

At School : GYM l Last Period . 

I entered the Gym with Kaylee , Ashlee , Daniel and his friend Mitchel  . 

" Everybody sit down ! " The coach yelled  , so we did as he said .

" So Gym isn't only about sports , its about health and safety . " the coach said looking at each one of us . A couple of kids groaned and sighed when she said that .

" We are going to be taking 1 month off sports , and I will be talking to you students about safety and your health . I already have an assignment for you guys , it would be in groups of twos . " the coach said before she went and got something that was in a box . 

" You guys will be taking care of babies " the coach said pulling out a fake baby doll from the box . 

" are you fucking serious ? " a guy called out . 

" you better watch your tone sir and yes I'm serious , now I'll be telling you guys who your partner would be " the coach said taking out her clipboard .

" Ashlee with Mitchel , Ana with Steven , Brian with Betsy , Caitlin with Daniel " 

I herd Daniel sigh " Damn , I got stuck with a bitch , they should of gave me like you girls " he said to me , Kaylee and Ashlee . 

" Dacey with Zack , Erick with Shawna , Justin with ........ "

I felt my heart beating faster and faster , please don't let it be me , please please pleaseeeeeeee

" Justin with Samantha " 

" Fuck My life , I don't even want to take care of a fake baby with him " 

Ashlee laughed " Imagine him taking care of the fake baby "

" the baby will probably be dead like on the first day " joked Kaylee .

" Kaylee with Ryan , Chaz with Mellz , Tiffany with Michael , Maci with Nick , Cheyenne with Kevin , Chelsea with Alex , and Jessica with Sean " 

" Everybody please go sit by your partner " the coach said loud enough so everyone herd .

I sighed " Lets go Daniel " before we headed to Justin and Caitlin . 

I sat next to Justin , Justin was sitting next to Caitlin , and on Caitlin side was Daniel . The teacher passed out our baby dolls and some stuff for the stupid baby .  

" Each of you guys must take care of the baby , Everyday you 'parents ' must hang out with each other and the baby to take care of it for the whole month , If the baby cries you must give it water from the bottle i gave you , after that you must pat the baby on the back and then change the diaper , the baby will also learn a few words from you so watch your language " 

" Justin " I said so he can shut-up and stop talking to Caitlin .

He sighed and turned to look at me " What ? "

" I can't take care of the baby today cause I have cheer-leading practice so how about you take care of it ? " I asked sweetly . 

" Um fine but coach said we have to take care of it together " 

" Well starting tomorrow , Oh by the way you can't come to my house so I'll go to yours ? " I asked him .

" Why can't I go to your house ? " he asked .

" Because if my dad sees you he will want to kill you " I warned him

" Damn anger issues well aight fine , then tomorrow at 4 " and he left with Caitlin . 

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