Chapter 56

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I can't believe I have gotten this far but Thanks for your support you guys , I really appreciate it . 

Sammi POV -

* Beep , Beep , beeep * 

Ugh where's the dam alarm clock , I wondered while knocking whatever was on the nightstand  . 

" You better be ready by 7:45 or you can go walking by yourself " my brother said opening my door . 

" Fucking ass whole " I groaned .  

Whatever at least its Friday , YAY ! 

I walked to my closet and stared at all my clothes ... I wanna wear my Jordan's today . I have an obsession with shoes especially sneakers .  I took out some dark blue skinny jeans , a white tank-top that had the words ' What ? What ? What ? Ever ! ' written on them in black and white with a red background , I took out a black tank-top for underneath it and my black and red Jordan's .

I had put my necklace my dad had gotten me , some diamond stud earrings , a red watch and my black & white 'Legit' , 'Epic ' bracelets . I decided to not put on any eyeliner or any makeup , only lipgloss . I sprayed some 'Hollister' perfume and I was ready for school .

I ran downstairs to grab myself some food because I'm really hungry . 

" Good morning Sweetheart " my mom smiled while getting some coffee .

" Morning Mom " I told her . 

" Hey kiddo " my dad said walking into the kitchen . 

" Hey dad " I smiled at my dad , dad looked a little better but still stick and I was still curious . 

" Oh Don't make any plans for Sunday because we are going out as a family " my dad warned me .

We haven't been out in like forever . The last time we went out as a family was like last year . 

" Hey mom , Hey Dad " my brother greeted entering the kitchen . 

" Hey Ethan " my mom smiled , " good morning son " my dad greeted . 

And Ethan didn't even say Good morning to his only sister . Whatever , he wants to ignore me then fine  but he gonna regret treating me like this .

" Lets go " my brother said , standing up .

Quickly , I obeyed and followed him to the car . We drove off to pick up Kaylee

Ethan parked the car in the seniors parking lot and we headed off to the Cafeteria to meet up with Ashlee , Ryan , Chaz and Mellz . I haven't talked to the Mellz in forever , I kind feel like a bitch to stop talking to her , she was my first friend here anyways .

We [ Me and Kaylee ] walked into the cafeteria ignores the glares from people . I walked up to the table where I use to sit with Justin and the others . 

" Hey Ryan , Hey Chaz , Hey Mellz " I smiled being polite and they looked shocked since I had said Hi to Mellz . 

" Hey " They greeted Me , Ashlee and Kaylee . 

I sat down next to the kid that kind of looked like Justin and that was always hanging out with them . 

Well I'm going to at least get to know the kid " Hey , I'm Sammi " 

He chuckled " I've heard , Im Christian Beadles " 

Ew , hes related to Caitlin . 

" Your not like your sister , right ? " I asked him . 

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