I Just Need Somebody to Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 25

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

After the guys left the girls were still here . When mom came over she decided to take Me , ethan and the girls to the beach .

I had my yellow bikini on , Black sunglasses , black gap sandals and my hair in a sloppy pony tail .

We got in the car [ Mellz Mom , My Mom , Mellz,Kaylee,Me And Ethan ] and drove off to the beach . The beach was about 30 min away . I wish Justin was here but hes at the studio .


Mellz and Kaylee were in the water , Me and ethan were walking on the beach along the water .

" Sam whats gonna happen with you and justin ? " he asked me .

" What are you talking bout ? " i asked confused .

" you gonna stay with the kid longer than a week " he said to me and it all sinked , i felt butterflies and worry enter me .

" I- I dont know " i told him .

" Sam I think its time to get over the fear of being dumped " he said to me .

" noo i just cant be dumped and be left broken like last time " i defended myself .

" Sam you learn from your mistakes , people learn , all guys wont treat you like shit , i think you should tell justin about your habit so he doesnt end up heartbroken cause that kid is really head over heels for you " my brother said .

All i did was stood shut, I felt like crying . Im going to have to break up with Justin but i just cant he didnt do anything to me ...


I sat down on thetowel and began listening to music , But music couldnt even stop me from thinking about Justin . I looked towards Mellz,Kaylee,and ethan but i saw 2 figures , I guess it was Ryan and Chaz . I herd somebody sit next to me , It was ..................

" Hey beautiful I missed you " he said .

" hey justi i missed you more " i said trying to sound happy .

" Samantha stop i know your hiding something " he said to me and i started crying .

"What happen Tell me babie who did something to you " he said .

" Justin i-i n-need to t-t-tell you somet-t-hhing " i said looking into his eyes which were filled with worriedness and sadness .

" You cant even last one day ? " he said ......

" Noo , Its a secrect " i told him

" So Tell me " he said raising his voice .

I told him the story of Daniel and The past of me breaking up with guys in a week , When i finished telling him he looked at me and said

" Samantha Aimee Cruise i would never do anything bad to you , im here with you , i'll do anything for you , Dont you understand ? " he said to me grabbing my face softly .

" You promise ? " i asked .

" Yes " and he kissed me softly ...

Then i saw a couple of flashes , God Dam Paparazi >.<

I broke apart from his kiss " Justin " i warned and Then the paparazi came over . They started saying shit Like " Are you dating Justin " " Are you cheating with Jasmine " " Do you love Justin " and crap like that .

" Shes my girlfriend and nothing is gonna tear us apart not even the rumors " he said to the Paparazi and he grabbed my hand and took me away ....

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