I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 39

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

Today's Christmas Eve and I was at my Dads house with Mom , Ethan and the rest of the family . Your probably wondering Where did time ago ? Well the day after the shopping trip with Ryan and Kaylee , I had spent the day with my mom and the last 3 days going to school and that leads us to Today , Christmas Eve  <3 !

I was at my Dads house with Ethan , Mom , Dad , Aunt Tiff , Uncle Nick , and my cousins Gabe [ 18 ] , and the little cutie Alex [ 4 ] . 

Me , Ethan , Gave and Alex were upstairs in the entertainment room trying to get Alex to sleep so we can wake him up at 12 and tell him 'Santa' came but noooo this little pain in the butt was just laughing and being so Adorable !

" Let me try " i told the guys .

" Alex cutie if you don't go to sleep Santa isn't going to come and bring presents " i told him .

He sighed " Santa's not real ! "

Oh my god , this kid has no spirit .

" Who told you that ? " i asked him and he pointed to Gabe .

" don't listen to gabe he's dumb ! "

He passed his little hand threw his cute brown hair and he rested his head on the pillow .

" Yay ! Just sleep and Santa would be here soon buddy " i told him .

I was about to leave then I herd Little cute alex speak " dont leab stay wit me "

Awww i couldnt resist him hes so friggin cute i wish he was my brother " Okay cutie pie " and I laid next him and i hugged him so he would go to sleep faster .


I heard the door slam open " O EM GEE santas here you guys " i herd a male voice said .

I looked up to see it was and it was Ethan , I burst out laughing while Alex ran out of the bedroom and downstairs .

" Why you had to say it like that ? " i asked him laughing .

"  Uh I dont Know but lets pretend that never happened "

I smiled " Okay "  .


We were already downstairs , I saw little Alexx ripping up his presents ; Grrr hes so adorable .

Oh if your wondering when did i give my friends their presents , I didnt Yet ; Were going to give each other our presents when school starts again which is Janurary 3 .

I  looked at my pile of presents , I saw  6 presents . I decided to open the present from Mom first ; It was the cutest dress ever with cute high heels , I loved it !

Then i opended Dad;s , It was a small box which had a heart locket . I opened the locket and on the left side was a picture of Dad giving me a piggyback ride when i was 3 and on the other side was a picture of me and dad token during the summer before i left . I loved this present !

Then I opened Ethan's , It was a 200 dollar gift card to  Hollister , YAY lol .

Then i opened from Aunt/Uncle/Gabe and Alex , It was a 200 dollar giftcard to Juicy Couture .

Their was 1 more present left  and It didnt say who it was from . The box was a glittery white with a beautiful gold ribbon on it , I opened the box carefully and I gasped when i saw it , It was a White-Gold  Diamond heart puffed necklace and behind it , was engraved I love You a&f - Justin .

  http://www.ross-simons.com/products/129697.html [ I dont know if you guys can see this link but look to the right and look for external links and open it and you'll see the necklace , Ok ]

" Oh my god " and everybody was staring at me .

" What is that ? " and i handed it to her and she gasped .

" Um i'll be right back " i told them . 

I went to my room and I called Justin

" Hello ? " he spoke into the phone .

" Justin ! Oh my God ! " Their was so many things i had to tell him .

He chuckled " I take that as you got the present "

"  Yea i did Its beautiful , I love it but that most of cost a fortune Justin ! "

" It was forth it , your worth it Samantha "

" Justin you shouldn't have and by the way Merry Christmas "

" I did and Merry Christmas Beautiful "

" Thanks Justi "

" Beautiful ... Thanks For the present "

I smiled "  Your Welcome , you liked it , it was so hard to find out what you would of liked '

And Me & Justin continued talking for  another or two hours .


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