I just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 23

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

It was already Friday and School finished for the Week . I was waiting for Ethan to come pick me and Kaylee Up .

" Sami Do You need a ride ? " Justin asked sweetly .

" Noo Ethans suppose to pick me and kaylee up but thanks anyways " i said flashing a smile towards him .

" Ima wait with you if you dont mind " he said sitting down .

-------- 5 minutes later -----

" Thanks for waiting Justin , I;ll see you later right ? " i said hugging him .

" Ofcourse and your welcome Sami " he said hugging me .


Me , Kaylee And Ethan were at a liqour store buyalcohol for the party .

We bought like 10 packs Of 12-packed FOUR LOKOS , We bought some Vodka , Some Bacardi , Some Black label , Some Corona , And water for the people who dont drink .

The guy looked at us like were to young to be buying this , We are but my brother isnt (:

After buying the alcohol Ethan dropped us off at a Salon to get our Nails and Hair Done .

It was About 6 something When we were down . Me and Kaylee had gotten acrylic french nails and our hair blowdried .

Ethan picked us up and we went home to help decorate the patio outside . All that was missing was the dj that should be here in an hour and the party people (:


I went upstairs , Took a shower , Changed into a navy blue dress and up to the waist it was plaid , and i some black fron frindged sandals .


I had put my eyeliner on and some shimmer on .

By the time i was done it was 8


I went downstairs to give the DJ the list of the songs .

-------------- An hour later ----

People were showing Up

----------------- 9:30 -------

Mellz, Kaylee , Daniel , Cindy , Marissa were here and a whole bunch of other people . Thats When i saw Justin , Ryan And Chaz . Chaz and Ryan walked to Mellz And Cindy .

" Hey Beautiful " justin whispered in my ear and i hugged him

" Hey cutie " i said to him smirking , I took his hand and led him to our friends


I fellt my phone buzz while i was dancing , I decided to answer it when i was done dancing . Afteri was done dancing I noticed it was from Justin <3

Meet me by the tree w. the swing on it - Justin

Okay I'll be right their - Sami x3

I looked towards the tree that had a swing on it and i saw a figure their so i walked up to it and Saw Justin .

He was standing under the tree .... He grabbed me and pushed me into the tree ,

" Samantha Aimee Cruise I Love You " he whispered in my ear , I felt shivers run down my back .

" I love you too Justin " i said whispiring back and thats when he smashed his lips onto mines and i started kissing back , my arms ended up around his neck and his arms hugging on to my waist .

" Samantha would you be mine ? " he asked me , my heart seriously skipped a beat .

" Yes Justin Drew Bieber " And i kissed him .........

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