Chapter 54

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Justin Bieber POV -------------

* Knock Knock Knock *

" Can I come in ? " asked a familiar voice . I looked up to see my manager Scooter and my mentor Usher . 

" Sure , Whats up ? " I said .

" Justin , why did you get yourself into this ? was it because of that girl ? that girl is just causing you problems ! " Scooter said . 

What the fuck ? 

" First of all Its my fault and that girl is Samantha , and she isn't causing me any problems " I protested . 

Usher laughed " So why did you do this ? You should know better JB " 

" Cause I was stupid , drunk and just not thinking " I responded .

" Well that's not  what your fans and their parents think , So when you get out of the hospital tomorrow your going on Ellen's talk-show and fix these rumors " informed Scooter . 

" Fine " I groaned . 

Great , I have to go on Ellen's freaking talk show ! Not that I hurt her or anything , She's actually a really nice lady . Its that I don't want to talk about my life on public and its pretty stupid what I did . I'm always getting into problems . 

The only person I wanted to talk to right now is Sammi . I want to make her . I remember yesterday when I was telling her that she didn't deserve me and that she should move and love some other guy , but she said she loved one guy and that she always will . I wonder who that guy is ? 

It killed me when she came barging into my room crying . She's going through so much , her father might have cancer but they haven't told her yet . I miss being her boyfriend , the guy who she can tell anything , the guy she can be herself with ... 

I know if I asked Sammi to come over right now , she would . But I begged her to go to school . I don't want her to miss out on school or her getting sick in this hospital .

" Hello , earth to Justin " shouted a familiar voice . I snapped out of my thoughts to see Ryan , Chaz and Christian . 

" Oh , Sup Guys , why aren't you guys at school ? " I asked them .

" we skipped " said Ryan in a duh- tone .

" Justin ! " squealed a female voice and it was Caitlin ....

" What ? " I asked coldly . 

" Omg , Justin your awake ! " she said in her high- pitched voice .

" Yeah , too bad you weren't you here yesterday when I actually woke up " I said . 

" Omg , your crazy , I was always here ! " she lied .

" Dam Caitlin , Quite the act , You weren't here and you were my fucking girlfriend ! You know who wasn't here and she had a boyfriend , Sammi was ! Oh and you know what , I herd from Jake that you have been cheating on me ever since I was in the fucking coma ! So forget about this act ! I don't love you , Its over Caitlin " I shouted . 

" Whatever , Jake is waaaaay better than you " she scoffed and left . 

" Sorry Christian " I apologized to Christian for talking to his sister like that .

He sighed " Its OK , she deserved that " 

" You really love Sammi , Why don't you guys get back together already ? " asked Ryan . 

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