I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love story ] Chapter 40 !

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

Just to update you guys Its New Years Eve and I'm in New York well I've been in New York the last 2 days visiting family . I'm So excited to see Justin , i don't think i can wait any longer .

I had spoken to Chaz and Ryan before and They told me Usher is having a party here in New York , New York so Justin would sure be their . Oh & Guess what ? ! Kaylee's parent allowed her to come to New York . So this New Years Eve is going to be the BEST , i get to spend it with Justin <3 , Kaylee , Ryan , Chaz , and Ethan .

So the partys at 10 but im going at 11 to avoid situations and paparazii and crap like that .

Oh just to let you guys know where the hell I'm staying at , I'm staying in a penthouse my dad bought along time ago for vacation time and for when he has to come here for business .

------------------ Time to get ready 10:00 PM -------

I took a shower and straightened/blow-dried my hair . I had my beautiful white strapless dress on [ look to the right side of the page look for ' Open External link ' and you'll see the dress (: ]

Now time for the make-up , I applied white eyeshadow on my eye-lid and then i applied white/silverish/blue glitter on top of the eyeshadow . Then i had put eyeliner on and some lip-gloss , to keep it simple .

After putting on the makeup I had put on my silver high heels .

" Kaylee are you ready ? " i said knocking on the door to the room she was staying in .

" Uh wait one sec "

" Ok I'm ready now " she said opening the door .

Aww She looked so pretty no homo , all the guys are going to be over her . My best-friend Kaylee was wearing a red strapless dress , it showed off her curves , she was wearing cute black high heels , her blackish reddish hair was straightened and her make up was done nicely .

" Aww you look hot bitch no homo " i told her .

" I know i know , thanks " she said laughing .

" Welcome "

" You look hot too Sami , imagine when Justin See's you "  and she laughed .

When she said his name I felt butterflies creep into my stomach , Im nervous . What if he doesn't want to see me ? What if im ruining everything for him ? What if Ugh im nervous but excited ... I havent seen my babe in forever .

" Sam you ok ? " she asked .

" Yeah im fine " i smiled .

"  Justin is going to be happy when he sees you and we should get going now its like 11:30 " 

We went into the living room and see Ethan sitting their waiting for us .

" Well aren't you girl gonna be fashionably late " and we  laughed .


 We were in the taxi and it was about  11:50 , their was SOOOO much traffic ...

" Whats taking so long ? " i asked the taxi driver .

" Dam hold on " he responded .

" Oh my god your so rude sami " kaylee told me and I laughed .

" Ok were here , gimme mah money " the taxi driver said and then ethan gave him the money .

We got out the car and we were about to enter when these Buff guys stopped us .

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