Chapter 60 .

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Sammi's POV ----- 

" Sammi , Ethan , come eat " my mom yelled from the kitchen , making me pause the music that I was singing and dancing along to do . 

So today's Sunday and were suppose to go out as a family , I hope they don't cancel it like our family always use to do . 

I ran downstairs because I was starving and mom had made home-made pizza . 

I entered the dinning room to my mom placing her home-made pizza on the table , my brother texting on his blackberry and my dad staring at my mom like if she was the most beautiful thing in thee world . 

I love how my parents treat each other and that I'm lucky that my parents aren't divorced anymore . 

" So how's school ? " my dad asked me and Ethan . 

" Good " I said , cutting my self a slice of yummy pizza . 

" Eh , It could be better " my brother said , eating a slice of pizza . 

" So hows Justin , Sammi ? " my dad asked . 

" Were doing fine " I said not liening this time . 

" How about you and Kaylee , Ethan ? " dad asked Ethan . 

Ethan looked sad when dad mentioned Kaylee " I don't wanna talk about it " 

I wonder whats wrong with  Ethan and Kaylee now . I wish they can stop fighting and move on . Lately I wish me and Ethan weren't fighting , I actually need my big brother. I miss our fighting and jokes , that we would only understand . My brother is one of my best-friends but I'm losing him . We shouldn't be waisting our time fighting because in the summer he'll be gone , moving out and out to college . 

" So are you guys doing anything important this weekend ? " my mom asked . 

Hmm , Am I ? Oh Yeah , I am . It's Justin's Birthday this Tuesday and I forgot to ask them for permission to throw a party . 

" Uh , Yeah ... Can I have a party on Tuesday ? " I asked them , hoping they would say yes . 

" Who's party is it ? " my dad asked . 

" Its Justin's 17th Birthday " I told them . 

" Sure " my mom and dad agreed . 

" Oh , Are we still going out for dinner ? " I asked them . 

" No " my dad said real quickly . What the hell ? 

" Why ? " I asked my parents . 

" I'm sorry sweetheart but can we should change it to next Sunday , we promise " my dad promised . 

I should of known that they were going to cancel dinner .

--------------------------- Tuesday -------------- 

So since today's Justin's Birthday I decided to dress super cute for him today . I was wearing a red Cammi underneathth my white cropped t-shirt that had the word ' Love ' on it in metallic silver , some abercrombie & Fitch shorts and some red converse .

I left my brunette hair straight . I had my necklace on and some silver diamond studded earrings and some bracelets on . 

I went downstairs , talked to my parents and ate . 

" Come on " Ethan said and we headed off into his car . We picked up Kaylee and Mellz came with us . Sometimes I wish I had a car so Ethan wouldn't have to pick up my friends but Mellz lived next door so that isn't a problem and Kaylee is a girlfriend .

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