Chapter 62

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Recap :

We got out of Justin's house and I started walking towards my house . Why is the door open ? Quickly , I saw some paramedics running out of my house with a body on the stretcher .

" What is going on ? " Justin asked .

" I don't know " I said . 

I saw my mom walking out of the house crying while my brother Ethan was looking worried and scared .

" Whats going on mom ? Who is that ? " I asked but she didn't reply , she was busy crying .

" Ethan what's wrong ? " I asked him , starring at the ambulance truck . 

" it's dad " he whispered .

End Of Recap . 

Sammi's POV -

Quickly the ambulance was leaving . Ethan was following the Ambulance with mom in the car . Me and Justin were following them unaware of what was going on . 

" I'm scared " I cried . 

" Please don't be ... everything is going to be OK " Justin lied even though he was trying to make me feel better . 

" What if my dad ... died ? " I whispered the last part . 

" He didn't , He's a strong man Sammi , I'm sure he's trying to fight to stay awake , He's going to be ok , We don't even know whats wrong , he probably just fell or something  " Justin tried assuring me.


Suddenly , we were at the hospital and I started running towards the Emergency room with Justin . I caught up with mommy and Ethan . We entered the emergency room and the paramedics opened a door quickly and took my dad away for fast help by a doctor . 

My mom went to the front desk and signing Medical papers . Me , Justin and Ethan took a seat on the chairs in the waiting room . 

" Ethan what happened to dad ? " I asked him . 

" I don't know . All I know is that I was at Kaylee's house and mom calls me crying that dad was unconscious ... " He said not sure what happened to dad . 

Finally mom was done signing papers and walked towards us . 

" Mom , what happened ? " I asked her . 

" Me and your dad were going to watch a movie at home , I turned my back away just for 5 minutes to go make popcorn and when I came back , I saw he spilled his cup that was in his hand and he was unconscious " She said , leaving out a part of information . 

" You guys are liening ! " I shouted . 

"  No were not " mom lied . 

"  Yes you are " I disagreed . 

" You know what Sammi ? Yea we are liening and it's for your own good ! " shouted Ethan .  

" Why ? What are you trying to hide from me ? What is it ? I need to know , he's my dad " I begged . 

" You really really really want to know ? " He shouted . 

" Yea ! " I shouted back . 

" OK first of all don't treat mom or me or dad like shit when you find out and we were only doing this for your good but dad has cancer " He said and he walked out of the emergency room with mom following behind him . 

MY DAD has Cancer ... How can this be ? This has to be a joke ! My dad was always healthy well not really but I never thought he would die this young ! Hes only like 35 ... he's to young . I need him , I'm still a kid , I need my dad . 

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