I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 32

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

Yay its finally ThanksGiving time to eat Gobble Gobble Gobble . Daddy and Ethan are coming in an hour im so friggin excited GAHH :D So im spending ThanksGiving with Mellz and her parents and with Daniel and his mom . I wish i could have spent Thanksgiving with Justin but hes going to Canada with his mom to visit his dad and family but oh whatever i least i get to spend it with the other people i love .


I finished dressing in a black v-neck , a black/blue plaid scarf , some navy blue hollister skinny jeans , some black and blue jordans :D .

" Mommy lets go " i said .

" Ive been waiting " she said .


Me and Mom got out of the car and I saw Pa-Pa Paparazi . The paparazi is so annoying Im not that famous , Im Just dating a famous person ... Sheesh . I herd them ask shit like this ' Wheres Justin ' ' Did you and Justin break up ' ' Are you here to pick up justin ' ' Are yu cheating on justin ' . Gosh , Their so annoying ...

Their were taking pictures of me and mom , mom was probably mad . We were waiting for Ethan and Daddy ... and i spotted them :D I ran to daddy and hugged him .

" I missed you daddy " i said hugging him tightly .

" I missed you too sweetheart "

Then i turned to Ethan smiling .

" Hey Uglie duckling " i said hugging him , * fflash Flash flash * Oh dayum i know what the next magazine is going to say " Is Justin's girlfriend cheating on him "

Seeing mom look so happy actually made me think and wish that we were all a family again . I looked at dad he didnt look the same neither did he look so healthy but he probably has a cold .

" Samantha Why are these people taking pictures of us or you ? " daddy asked .

So my dad doesnt know im dating JUSTIN BIEBER , Well he would of known if he wouldve kept in contact with me ....

" Ummm I'll tell you in the car "


" So tell me Samantha " dad said .

" Ummm i have a boyfriend " i was saying slowly .

" And what does that have to do with the pictures ? " he asked .

And i saw Ethan smirk , Grr that asswhole ima get him later .

" my boyfriends famous " i said trying to smile .

" Your liening " he said laughing .

" Noo im not im dating Justin Bieber "

" I want to meet him then " my dad demanded .

" Hes in canada with his family " i told him

" When hes coming back ? "

" Sunday "

" Then i'll meet him sunday "


Mommy,Mellissa [ Mellz Mom] and Destiny [ Daniels mom] were all in the kitchen making food . Daddy and Michael [ Mellz dad ] were watching Football . While Me , Mellz, Daniel and Ethan were upstairs in my room being the retards we are ...

" bitches lets take a picture " mellz said , Then the guys groaned .

Danny,Mellz,Ethan and Me were making silly faces :D :P >:O :O

We took about who knows how many pictures , but the best one was when i was choking ethan mwuahahah .

We were still taking pictures untill somebody called me ...

" Hello ? " i asked .

" Happy Thanksgiving Baby " Justin said and i completely smiled and i felt somebody take a picture of me .

" Oh my God Happy Thanksgiving to you too , how was the flight ? " i asked .

" It was good , your dads their ? " he asked.

" Yea he looks sick it worrys me " i told him .

" He probably got a cold "

" Probably but anyways baby i miss you so friggin much "


After talking with justin i saw Mellz,Ethan and Danny on who knows who facebook , they were uploading this pictures on Mellz Facebook .

" This one is my favorite " mellz said to a picture that was me smiling when Justin called . The caption said : Sami Boo gets a surprise call from JUSTIN :D lMFaO

And then she tagged Justin ,

" Oh My God Mellz " and they all laughed .


It was time to eat .

Mom : Lets Start Our Pray and say what were thankfull for :

Daddy was first : " Im thankful for having a good meal infront of us , Im thankful for having my family and friends with me , and im thankfull that my kids and wife are healthy and ok "

Mommy " Im thankful for this great meal , And having my husband , Son ,Daughter and friends with me today and Im Thankful that Jesus died on the Cross for our sins .

Mellz Mom " Im thankful for this delicious meal , and im thaankfull for My husband and beautiful daughter Mellz and my friends .

Mellz Dad : " As you all said im Thankful for the yummy meal infront of us and Im thankfull for being alive and Thankful for my friends and family .

Daniels Mom : Im thankful for this meal , God , Life and my beautiful son .

Ethan : Im thankful for this yummy meal that the ladies made and Im Thankful for my mom,dad,god,sister and the friends around us .

Daniel : Im Thankful for the meal that some kids and family wont be having , Im Thankful for my mom always being their for me , Im Thankful for finding some long-lost friends and for the friends ive made around us .

Mellz : Im Thankful for this meal that i want to eat , Im thankful for God , Im thankful for my wonderful parents , Im thankful for my boyfriend and my friends

MEEEE MY TURN : Im Thankful for the meal that were going to gobble after im done talking , Im Thankful for Jesus diening on the cross for us , Im thankful that i have my family with me here today , Im thankful for my boyfriend whos not here and for my new loving friends . AMEN LETS EAT .

And we all began to eat .

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