Chapter 55

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Sammi's P.O.V 

" Hey Ethan , Can you drop me off at Justin's ? " I asked my brother getting in the car , School just finished for the day .

" Why ? " he asked . 

" Because I want to spend time with my boyfriend " I told him . 

He sighed " I don't understand why you cheated on Jake with Justin " 

Another rumor had started at school that I cheated on Jake with Justin . Its really stupid how these rumors start and how people start to believe them . It actually hurts that my brother thinks I cheated on Jake , when Jake was the one who cheated on me . The only persons who don't believe that lie are , Kaylee , Ashlee , Ryan and Chaz . 

This also had created another problem , Kaylee and Ashlee were mad at their boyfriends [ Ethan and Daniel ] because they believe that stupid rumor . 

My parents had found out that I was dating Justin again and my mom was happy but my dad was not so happy but he'll live . 

I feel like everything is my fault and like my world is falling apart .

Well back to the point , 

" You know what Ethan , believe whatever you want but I never cheated on him "  I said finished the conversation . 


" Were here " Ethan said parking in front of Kaylee's house . Yeah , Kaylee lived a house or two down from Justin . 

" Bye Ethan " she said angrily . 

" Bye Ethan " I said in the same tone as she did and he drove away .

I freaking love Kaylee and Ashlee , their the bestest friends you can ask for but they shouldn't be doing this .  

" Kay , you should'nt be mad at Ethan " I assured her . 

" Yes I should , he doesn't believe you , he believes that fucking ass-whole , he doesn't even believe his own girlfriend ! " she said in a loud frustrated voice . 

" But you should stop , I don't want you guys to break up because of me " I said . 

" It won't be because of you , it would be his fault " she assured me . 

" Yes it will " I whined .

" Just go visit Justin ! " she said smiling .

" OK , I'll call you later ! " I called out before walking away .


I saw the familiar house , Justin's house . 

I ringed the doorbell and the door opened to a smiling Pattie . 

" Hey Pattie " I smiled . 

" Hey Sammi , How's everything ? " she greeted/asked .

" Everything is OK " I lied , " How about you ? " I asked .

" Everything has gotten better , well I'm going to go out right now , Justin's upstairs " she told me . 

Pattie left and I walked upstairs to Justin's room making sure to knock before I entered . 

" Come in " I herd his voice shout . 

I opened the door , smiling , " Hey " 

He looked up from the t.v and smiled " Hey Beautiful "   

I walked over and layed next to him on the bed. 

" How was school ? " he asked .

I sighed " awful " 

He looked shocked " What happened ? " 

" Jake spreaded a rumor that I cheated on him with you " I answered . 

" that bastard " he said madly . 

" and its even worse that Ethan believes it " I said trying to stop the tears from coming out that has been building up all day . 

He looked into my eyes and he realized that I was about to cry " Everything's gonna be ok babe " 

And I cried into his chest . 

Im not use to my brother being mad at me or not believing me . 

----  A couple hours later --- 

We talked , took a nap , pplayed video games and COD Black OPS , I won Justin at it . YAY !  

Well right now I had my head in his and he was playing with my hair . 

" So I know what next week is " I said looking up into his eyes . 

" of course you do " he smiled . 

" so what do you want for your - ... " and I was cutoff by his blackberry ringing . 

He picked it up and answer the call 


Oh Hey Jess ! 

Everything is  good now , how about you ? *Laughs* 

Foreal ? are you serious ?  * he asked happily *

Uh , sure I'll go tomorrow .  

Oh OK , I can't wait to see you too ! 


Great ... I wonder who this ' Jess' girl is and why she's talking to my boyfriend .

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