Chapter 64

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Sammi's POV .  - 1 month later - . 

" Sammi let's go ! " My mom shouted from downstairs . 

I looked alright for this type of event . The one-sleeved blue dress I was wearing was loose and went mid-thigh . It went perfectly with my blue stilettos and loose curls . I had recently dyed my hair black because I thought it looked better . 

Today , was my brother , Ethan's , graduation . 

It was sad to see that my brother is already graduating and I will miss him when he's off to college . Well I'm not sure my brother recently received a sports scholarship to USC , University of Southern California which was located here in Los Angeles but my brother wasn't sure if he wanted to that , he said that he was waiting for something bigger , a better opportunity but that was a very goodopportunity . 

" Ethan are you ready ? " I asked , knocking on his bedroom door . 

" Yeah , hold up " He shouted . 

He slowly opened his door and there he was with his graduation cap and gown . 

" Aw , my big brother is graduating " I said in a childish voice . 

" Shut up Sammi " He chuckled , walking downstairs . 

When we got downstairs , our family was downstairs . Even our grandparents and some of our aunts , uncles and cousins were here today . Even Daniel , Audrina , Kaylee , Mellz , Ashlee , Ryan and Chaz was here . 

What is Audrina doing here ? Well it turned out that her family had bought a home here in LosAngeles so therefore she lives in Los Angeles and goes to school with me now . Her and Ryan aren't dating yet but I'm sure they like each other . 

I felt bad for Kaylee since her boyfriend , my brother will be graduating and he wont be at our school anymore . I know she's worried that he'll cheat on her with some college freshman or something but I know he won't , he's heads over heel for Kaylee . 

Justin called me recently saying that he would be at my house in a couple of minutes . He's still on tour but he took a day off for this special day . He also said that he wanted me to actually meet Selena but I actually really didn't want to even see her or even her damn voice . He actually wanted me to meet her so I can feel more comfortable with him touring with Selena which I'll never ever feel comfortable at all . 

So back to reality , everybody was waiting in the living room , sitting , talking and joking around . 

" Aw , Ethan " my mom cooed . 

" Ethan grew up so fast " my dad smiled proudly of his son .

" Let's take pictures " My mom said enthusiastically , grabbing her camera . 

" Take a family picture " grandma said . 

" That's a great idea " my mom said , giving grandma the picture so she can take a picture of Ethan , mom , dad and I . 

" 1 ... 2 ... 3.... Say Cheese " Grandma chuckled , taking a picture of us . 

Mom ran in her stilettos to see the picture grandma had taken . 

" What a cute picture , Lets take one of Ethan and Kaylee " My mom smiled at the lovely couple . 

" But mom we have to get going " Ethan whined . 

" Please Ethan , you only have to be there at 1 " My mom said . 

While mom was taking pictures of Ethan and other people . I was waiting by the front door withAudrina . 

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