I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ] Chapter 51 .

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Justin Bieber POV - 

I don't know what happened but the car was flipped over . I felt glass entering my skin . I felt completely soar and ready to black out . I felt pain from my head and legs , I reached out and it was blood . 

What have I done ? at least  I'm going to get away from these problems ... 


I saw blue and red lights flashing and a siren . I saw a bright light in my face . 

" I found somebody " I herd a feminine voice call out . 

"  Ok hold on " a masculine voice shouted back . 

" Hey kiddo , hold on , don't close your eyes " she said getting closer to help me out . 

" Oh God , your Justin Bieber " She said sounding shocked . 

" Hurry up you guys , its Justin Bieber in this car ! " She shouted . 

" Justin Bieber try to keep your eyes open " she warned me . 

" I d-don't think I can any longer " I responded . 

" Please come on " she begged . 

" Hurry , hes about to blackout " she shouted .

" I c-cant , tell Sammi I love her " I said before I closed my eyes .

Sammi 's POV - 

" Sammi wake up sweetheart " my mom spoke . 

Ugh , another day of school . Its not that I hate school , its just so tiring . Its like the same routine every day except for Tuesdays , Thursday's and the weekends . What do I do on Thursdays and Friday ? I have cheer leading practice . 

But I'm actually excited to go to school today because I get to be with my loving friends Kaylee, Ashlee , Daniel , Ethan and my new boyfriend Jake . 

I don't know why I accepted to be Jake's girlfriend . I was just confused and frustrated with Justin . After rejecting Justin like that last night and seeing how hurt he look I felt my heart ache . I waited a whole month for him to fucking find a way to forgive me and realize the truth but he hadn't , he was only flirting and kissing other girls so Of course I had to move on . But now I have a boyfriend who I guess will be their for me . 

Well enough with that , hmm ... what should I wear ? . I decided to wear a light purple v-neck , some cute dark blue jeans from hollister and some light purple high-top converse . I left my straight brown hair loose and put on my favorite necklace and some simple jewelery . 

Honk Honk ! 

Ugh I guess Ethan is already in the car , I grabbed my zebra hang bag and a granola bar and headed into the car . 

" Gosh why didn't you tell me we were leaving ? " I asked him . 

He shrugged " Eh , I don't know , I didn't feel like "  

" Ugh , I don't wanna go to school " I whined . 

He smirked " aren't you excited to see Jake ? " 

I laughed " I guess so " 

After picking Kaylee up , We headed off to school but we were  late because their was this car on the rode that was all smash up , their were news reporters and just regular people trying to see what had happened . 

" Oh my god were late " pointed out Kaylee . 

" No duh , now lets get to homeroom " I suggested . 

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