I Just need Somebody to Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 36

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Justin Bieber POV :

I thought Sami would of realized that im Sorry and would come to say Goodbye to me before i head of to the Airport but I guess I was Wrong .

I looked down to my Black Berry to see if she had called or texted me while i was walking and I collied into somebody

" Shit , Im sorry " I said taking the girls arm ...


Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

After that accident of crying and beggin the old man I decided to leave with Kaylee and Daniel . What if Justin still didnt leave , I checked my phone for a text or missed call from him but OUCH I Bumped into somebody .

" Sorry " i herd a fimilar guy voice , I took his hand .

I swear when I saw him I smiled , I felt by heart beat so fast that i could of had a heart attack . Why isnt he on the plane ? Why havent I seen him all week ?

"Justin ! " I said in a whisper .

" Samantha what are you doing here ? "

" I came to say Goodbye and I was about to leave cause they said the flight to new york left "

He chuckled " Im going to Atlanta not new york yet "

" Oh " i blushed .

" Im sorry " he said and I hugged him while letting my tears out .

" I was looking for you all i week " .

" You were ? " making him happy but still sad .

" Yeah your mom told me she didnt know where you are or nobody knew "

" Flight 34920 at 5:30 AM To Atlanta Georga Now boarding " The speakers shouted .

He sighed and pulled me into a hug " Samantha Aimee Cruise Im sorry that i have to leave , but i'll be back soon I promise , I'll text , call , video chat with you anything for you Samantha , I love you " he told me .

I wiped my tear " I'll be waiting Justin dont do anything Stupid "

He chuckeld and pulled me into his amazing Kiss , his lips melting mine , I sure can be like this forever .

" JB lets go " Usher said .

He pulled away " Bye Beautiful , I love you "

" I love you too , Bye justin " I told him and he left with his workers and mom .

He was giving the lady his ticket , He turned around and came walking to me ...

" Justin You got to go " i told him .

" Here I want you to have this " he said taking off His famous dogtab necklace and putting it on me .

" Justin , you should keep that , Somebody gave it to you for a reason " i said looking at it .

" But they'll be happy if im giving it to the love of my life " he said and he kissed me once more

" I love you Justin "

" I love you too Sami " he said smiling .

" Bye " he said all sadly .

I sighed " Bye " and i gave him one last hug .

He walked and showed the lady his ticket and when he was about to enter the door , He turned around and waved goodbye . I blew him a kiss and he laughed .

" Goodbye Justin " i whispered .

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