Chapter 61

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Sorry this chapter looks all messes up and wierd , it's that wattpad is being a meanie . It won't let me fix , edit , or save anything . Well I hope you enjoyed it . Next chapter would be posted as soon as possible .

Sammi's POV -  " Where's Justin ? " asked Kaylee while we walking towards Home Room , our first period .

" I don't know , probably late " I shrugged .

  Yesterday was fun . I spent yesterday cleaning the house and spending time with Ashlee , Kaylee and Mellz only . We haven't hanged out like that in a while . I didn't talk to Justin yesterday ... He was busy working at the studio yesterday . 

We reached class before the late bell rang and we sat at our table . Our table was occupied by me , Kaylee , Daniel and his friends , Jason , Chris , Andy and Mitchel .

  " Hey guys " I said greeting them . 

Daniel wasn't mad at me anymore and he recently had gotten back with Ashlee like a week ago , He realized that Jake was liening but it still bothers me that my own brother still believes it ... 

" H - " and they were cut off by the door opening and the teacher telling us to quiet down .

" Good-morning kids " Miss.Shackil greeted the class . 

" Good-morning Miss.Shackil " we all said back . 

" So we have a new student here today " She said . 

" Is it a girl ? " some jock called out from the back of the classroom .

The teacher smiled " Yes , she is " , She went to to door and I guess was telling the new girl to come in . 

" Class , I want to introduce you to Miss. Jasmine Villegas " She said smiling . 

Did she just say what I thought she said ? ! Jasmine ... Villegas ... The little slut ... the one that dated Justin ... Fuck my life , this bitch came to ruin my life now and even worse , she'll probably try to mess up Justin and mines relationship .

My reaction wasn't the way a student shouldn't be when there is a new student . I was worried while everybody is excited , happy or they don't care . 

" Please introduce yourself Jasmine " The teacher told her . 

" I'm Jasmine Villegas , You guys probably know me as Jasmine V , Um  the girl from Justin Bieber's music video ' Baby ' I'm like famous and I know how to sing so yeah that's me " she said smiling a fake smile . 

Hahaha how funny , she sounded so conceited and dumb . She's not even that famous . The only reason people know about her is because of Justin and must of them know her as that slut in the Baby video . 

" Oh , How wonderful , please take a seat anywhere you want " the teacher said smiling .

  Jasmine eyes scanned across the classroom , wondering were she was going to sit . Her eyes met mine and she smiled a evil smile . She started walking towards our table or the table in-front of us I hope .... 

" Hey , Can I sit here ? " She asked trying to sound polite but to me that sounded so fake .

  " Sure " , The guys said but me and Kaylee didn't say anything because I know something was going to happen but I just don't know what it is .

  " So your Jasmine Villegas ? " Daniel asked trying to start a conversation . 

" Yea " she said , flashing a smile .

" So what's all of your names ? " she asked . 

" I'm Daniel but you can call me Danny " Daniel said .

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