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Hey Readers !

I might not be able to post chapters up this week because i have Mid-Terms this week but im sure Friday/Saturday Or either Sunday their would be a Chapter Up ! .

I would also like to Ask you guys some questions :

1.  What Do You Like about the story ?

2 . What Do You Dislike about the story ?

3 . Does anything confuse you in the story ? If so tell me .

4 . What do you think my story needs to impove in ?

5.  Do You have any suggestions , If so please Tell me Them .

You guys may write what ever you want to those questions nice or bad , I would really like to know what you guys like and what you guys dont so I can improve . Please .

Please Answer The Questions / Vote / Favorite / Comment / Read

Thank you - Lokitax333

P.S I'll keep you updated When i'll upload the next Chapter .


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