I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 17

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Samantha Aimee Cruise :

I Woke up to my phone buzzing , Great i knew i shouldnt have slept with it >.<

The Text Was from my brother Ethan

Hey Sis :D - Ethan

I texted him back :

Hey Ass , I love how you woke me up :D

I Didnt see Justin next to me hes probably on the couch , I got up and checked , He was their watching spongebob .

I walked towards him and sat next to him on the couch

" GoodMorning Beautiful " He said to me and kissing me on the cheek .

I giggled " GoodMorning Justin "

I put my head on his shoulder and my phone buzzed again .

Text from Ethan

Your Welcome Bitch , I havent talked to my fave person in the world - Ethan .

Since Wen i was your fave , Yu twit >.< - Sami Biotch x3

sine uh forever ! what you doing ? I miss your annoying ass ! - Ethan

Aww Yu Ass I Miss You TOO ! <3 & Nada much just at a friends house , watching t.v wif Justin - Sami Biotch x3


LMFAO your so overprotective And Nope Im not Im at Mellz house And Justin is a friend (: - Sami Biotch x3

Pft. thats what brothers are for , G2G sis i got a football game - Ethan

AWWW GOODLUCK , Ya better Win , Tell dad i Said Hey (: - Sami Biotch x3

Aight - Ethan

I didnt bother texting Ethan back . I look up to see Mellz going to the bathroom and Chaz walking towards me and justin .

" Sup bro " he said to Justin , They did their handshake shit or whatever .

" Hey Sami " He said sitting next to me

" Hey Cat " I said smiling

" Already with the jokes ? " he asked and i nodded , Mellz came out the bathroom .

" Hey Justin , Hey Sami " she said to use . We greeted her back .

" Sami lets go wake up Kaylee and Ryan ' She said with a smirk on her face , I got up , We ran to the bed they were sleeping on , Me and Mellz starting jumping on the bed while sining " Fancy "

" Shudupp " Kaylee said . " Im up can you shud up " Ryan said mumbling .

" Breakfast time Then " Mellz said , We All followed her downstairs to eat breakfast .

She looked through her cabinets " Yall want poptarts with milk or cereal ? "

We all picked up poptarts .


Justin was leaving to take Kaylee , Chaz and Ryan home .

" Bye KayleeBoo " I said to kaylee hugging her .

" Byee SamiBoo , See you tomorrow " she said while hugging back .

" Byeee Chiz " i laughed " Fine Bye Chaz "

" Bye Sam and next time you mess up my name watch " he said .

" Bye RiRi " i said to ryan while laughing .

" Bye Sam oh and you give the worst nicknames ever " he said .

Last but not least Justin

" Byee Justin " i said giving him a hug .

" Bye beautiful " he said hugging me back .

" Awwwwww " Mellz said .

After that i said bye to mellz and went to my house which is right next door .


Sorry this chapter was bad , but i promise next one would be better (:

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